We are !! Family

There has been allot of chatter about Brandon Marshall being traded. Actually it shouldn't surprise us. Take a short look back on Joe Philbin's press conference the day he came here. Do you remember what he said ? Here is a reminder. He talked about his Family and the Dolphin Family, and how he thought they are similar. He mentioned that the Dolphins will be about Family. In a Family unit what one person in the Family does, effects everyone in that Family.

It appears with the trade of Marshall Joe Philbin wasn't kidding us. He meant what he said about the team being a Family. He wasn't about to let Brandon Marshall tear that unit apart any longer. So he put an end to it, sending a message to the entire team to either get on board, or you will be gone. No one is above the team, not even the 10th rated wide receiver in the league.

After 2 years of Brandon demanding the ball and throwing his QBs under the bus. The Dolphins and Philbin had seen enough. There are many in the media that feel his latest run in with the law over a melee in a night club had much to do with the trade of Marshall. I'm sure that incident didn't help matters and may have been the final nail in the coffin. I don't think that was the case at all. This trade was talked about at the combine between the Bears and the Dolphins. It was well thought out, and it wasn't a knee jerk reaction on the Dolphins part.

I can see much of what Philbin learned in Green Bay coming to fruition here in Miami. Of the 53 players on the Packers team, they have an astounding number of home grown players drafted by there team. I believe that number is 45. Knowing that, you can see why Miami has made very few FA acquisitions at this time. How many FAs has the Packer signed so far ? I can't think of a single one off hand. Do you see a pattern ? Family and build from within, that is what we are seeing before our very eyes.