Do the Miami Dolphins have a Potential Trade Partner with the Cincinnati Bengals?

A Dolphin first, second, and third for two firsts and a second?

In a desperate search for additional Miami Dolphin Draft scenarios, I just today realized that the Cincinnati Bengals have 2 first round picks at numbers seventeen and twenty-one with a second round selection at number fifty-three overall.. The total draft value of those three picks is 2120 points !!

The Dolphins have the eighth pick of the first round, a second round overall pick at number forty-two, and a third round selection at number seventy-two .. The total draft value of those three picks is 2110 points !!

In suggesting that the Bengals may have a desire for someone at the eighth pick, and the Dolphins may be looking to move down ??

Essentially, our Dolphins would be sliding down nine spots with their first pick (8 to 17), while taking a huge leap forward twenty-one spots from the second round back into the first round (42 to 21), and another dramatic nineteen hurdles forward from their scheduled third round pick back into the second round (72 to 53) !!

Miami's First, Second, and Third ( 8, 42, 72 ) for
Cincy's TWO First, and a Second ( 17, 21, 53 )..

We'd still have our second third round pick at number seventy-three to boot, so instead of having our scheduled 1st, 2nd, and TWO 3rds, we'd have TWO 1st, a 2nd, and a 3rd..

If we were to trade down ?? This seems to be a more lucrative, possible option than the previously broken down options with Philadelphia at fifteen or Cleveland at twenty-two.

Mother, May I take 9 baby steps backwards?
"Yes, You May!"

Mother, May I take 40 giant leaps forward?
"Yes, You May!"

If The Bengals want someone at eight?

THANKS for an Open-Minded Read, as we look forward to your angle of view ;)!! Get one capable guy at eight, or Two at 17 and 21? What do you think? GOFINS : )!

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