Miami Dolphins Sixth Round Pick: WR BJ Cunningham

I must say I wasn't very excited about the choice of Cunningham in round six. I had my heart set on a few other Receivers that were available at the time. I sort of disregarded him entirely due to him not being as fast as some of the much bigger receivers available at the time. But, those other receivers are history, so lets take a look at what might be the future.

Here's a glimpse of BJ Cunningham's abilities:

Here's his Michigan State Spartan (and lifetime) biography:

I feel a little more at ease now! I'm also liking Jeff Fuller from Texas A&M and Derek Moye out of Penn State, who were the undrafted free agents brought in to compete with him for the openings at wide receiver.

What are you thinking about BJ Cunningham? Let us know below.