A Few Round Two Potential Dolphin Prospects

Ok, so now that you've gauged your preferred angle of approach to round one lets take a look at who we fans think might help the Miami Dolphins in round 2.

WR Mohamed Sanu Rutgers Jr, 6-2, 211, 4.44 forty, GRADE 84.0 .. Intangibles: A selfless player who head coach Greg Schiano raved about when Sanu announced that he was leaving early. He's meant a ton to this program. He's the guy who does everything. He'll be very hard to replace. I don't know if you ever replace him. You'll just have to have a few guys do his thing. Played all three years he was at Rutgers. "While Sanu lacks the elite timed speed to leaves scouts gasping he does possess an exciting blend of size, strength and natural open field running skills. Possessing the size to contribute at split end as well as the savvy route-running and courage to attack defenses from the slot. Sanu has several outstanding qualities but none more impressive than his natural receiving skills. Possesses very reliable hands and a wide catch radius due to his long arms, impressive flexibility, and hand-eye coordination. Extends and plucks the ball away from his frame when he senses the defender near. Very good jump-ball candidate due to strong leaping skills, long arms and timing. Sanu is better prepared than most collegiate receivers to make the NFL jump. " "He is a player who can separate well and excels in the short to intermediate passing game, an ideal receiver for a timing-based, pass-often offense. He has good size and is capable of making a lot of plays within a West Coast offense. He is a polished all-around player." http://www.nfl.com/combine/profiles/mohamed-sanu?id=2533040

Coby Fleener Stanford comes to the NFL at 6-6, 247, with a 4.45 forty, is the number One ranked Tight End, and holds an immediate starters GRADE of 85.2 .. "Fleener isn't a thumper as a blocker, but he does have surprising foot speed, agility and leaping ability for a player of his size, making him a legitimate threat down the seam." http://www.nfl.com/combine/profiles/coby-fleener?id=2532838

Dwayne Allen Clemson Jr stands at 6-3, 255, with a 4.89 forty has a higher immediate starters GRADE of (87.0) than the number One TE in this 2012 draft, (depending on where you look).. He holds the One-A TE ranking on this list due to his inferior Red Zone height, speed, and experience to Fleener though he is a better blocker .. "An athletic receiving tight end prospect with decent blockinhttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifg skills. Allen has soft, natural hands and excellent ball skills. Speed is good, cuts and turning ability are impressive." http://www.nfl.com/combine/profiles/dwayne-allen?id=2533046

DT/DE Fletcher Cox, Mississippi St Jr, 6-4, 298, 4.79 forty, GRADE 77.0 .. "Cox is naturally big, plays bigger and is expected to grow even more in size and ability. A third-year junior, Cox was the only player from Mississippi State to be named All-SEC first team after he collected 56 tackles and five sacks last season. He works hard from kickoff until the final whistle, setting a pace for teammates and wearing down opponents. He showed very good explosion in combine testing. The light-footed Cox played both defense end and defensive tackle and his versatility will be an asset in the NFL." http://www.nfl.com/combine/profiles/fletcher-cox?id=2533051

OLB/DE Whitney Mercilus, Illinois Jr, 6-4, 261, 4.68 forty, GRADE 72.5 .. "Mercilus was a human wrecking ball in 2011, in 16 starts he led the nation with 16 sacks, nine forced fumbles, and is one of the top pass rushers available in this year's draft. He will be best used by a creative defensive coordinator who moves him around the defensive front, he's a one-year performer, but has the make-up to be a top-40 pick." http://www.nfl.com/draft/2012/profiles/whitney-mercilus?id=2533049

ILB Luke Kuechly Boston College, 6-3, 242, 4.58 forty, GRADE 91.0 .. I've had my eye on this guy for quite awhile, and always thought he reminded me of #54.. So today Im reading his bio while being reminded of his ZT type attributes, and as I get to the bottom it suggest "And he welcomes comparisons to past and current NFL players known primarily as great tacklers. A popular comparison is former Dolphins perennial Pro Bowler Zach Thomas. Exceptional on-field hustle, instincts, and off-field work ethic. Should garner top general, football character, and intelligence grades." http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/players/1664814/luke-kuechly I'M SOLD, even though we don't really need an ILB !! We didn't need an ILB before drafting ZACH either, we had just landed FA ILB Jack DelRio to man the position.. Luke averaged 14 tackles per game over three seasons, I don't see a problem with Karlos Dansby going outside if we had a ZT-type at ILB..http://www.nfl.com/combine/profiles/luke-kuechly?id=2533056

WR Stephen Hill, Georgia Tech Jr, 6-4, 215, 4.36 forty, GRADE 74.0 .. "The route polish isn't quite there but his athletic traits are really outstanding and exceptionally rare for the position, a tall, imposing WR with long arms and big hands. As a blocker, Hill is outstanding, consistently locating, controlling, moving, and pancaking smaller DBs, and more than holding his own against LBs." http://www.nfl.com/combine/profiles/stephen-hill?id=2533537

WR Alshon Jeffery, South Carolina Jr, 6-3, 216, 4.47 forty, GRADE 82.0 .. "Possesses a rare combination of hand-eye coordination, body control and hand strength. Can make the circus grab look easy and already has compiled an impressive number of dazzling one-handed grabs. Good flexibility to extend and pluck the ball high and wide, as well as behind him. Tracks the ball well over either shoulder." http://www.nfl.com/draft/2012/profiles/alshon-jeffery?id=2533039

RT Mike Adams Ohio State, 6-7, 323, GRADE 54.0 .. Though one's opinion is that of a 54.0 grade, Mike Mayock has him as the 3rd ranked OT while CBS, and myself have him at 4th.. "Tall, long, athletic pass protector. Solid positional run blocker who flashes the nasty demeanor and killer instinct scouts covet. Best on the outside because of his height and athleticism, but is capable of blocking on the move. Effective in space and usually drops his hips to get leverage and sustain against shorter defenders. Excellent quick-twitch movement off the snap in pass protection and as a run blocker."

OT Marcell Jones Nebraska, 6-6, 320, GRADE 82.7 .. "Passes the eye test, impressive frame, thick lower half and overall length, has the athleticism and foot quickness to do the job in a short area. Improved fundamentals. Very good toughness." http://www.nfl.com/combine/profiles/marcel-jones?id=2532881

OT Mitchell Schwartz California, 6-5, 318, GRADE 58.0, "was a model of consistency at Cal, starting 51 games, 35 at left tackle and 16 at right tackle. He credits diverse blocking schemes at Cal for upgrading his overall play, and that play was impressive at the Senior Bowl workouts, where scouts raved about the way he handled some of the best pass rushers in the country. That was particularly surprising because most scouts believed he projected as a right tackle for the NFL."

OLB Bobby Wagner Utah State, 6-0, 241, 4.48 forty.. "A four-year starter, two-year captain and three-time All-WAC honoree, Wagner can be called short, but he's not small. He packs the power of a man much larger and uses that effectively to tackle anybody with the audacity to be in his vicinity with a football. Experienced pass rusher with enough burst to slip by offensive tackles and enough power to blow through running backs left in pass protection. Possesses a thick build with impressive overall musculature. Intelligent and dedicated. Capable of contributing early in his career."

OLB Zach Brown North Carolina, 6-1, 244, 4.50 forty, GRADE 91.0 .. "He is only beginning to learn how to maximize his exceptional ability on a football field, but Brown is fast and fascinating." http://www.nfl.com/combine/profiles/zach-brown?id=2532804

SORRY FOLKS !! I've decided to take a different One on One type of approach to the review of 2012 Quarterback Prospects which will begin to take place later in the week.. I'm sure you'll like what I've decided upon, but for now I ask for your patience on that subject, and your thorough review of the above potentialities..

In order to positionally mesh with whoever your personal first round favorite's at eight, or in a trade down scenario.. While if you are thinking first round trade down ?? PLEASE choose TWO, and/or offer those you like that may not be on the above list !! Who do you like in ROUND TWO ??



Thanks for an Open-Minded Read, as we look forward to your angle of view : ) !! GOFINS!!