A Look at the Miami Dolphins Offensive Rookie Class of 2012

The NFL draft has finally come and gone for the Miami Dolphins, and we are left with a bunch of new, talented players that will hopefully contribute for years to come.

The Dolphins drafted nine players this year, and since then they have signed fifteen undrafted free agents. Below is a list of all of the players that the Dolphins have added with whatever film and/or scouting reports I could find on them.



1. Ryan Tannehill, Texas A&M
- Miami was projected to take Tannehill in the first round, and that is exactly what they did. He is expected to be able to start in a few years for the Dolphins. Here is a playlist of eight different games played by Miami's eighth overall selection:

Running Back

1. Lamar Miller, Miami
- Miami got great value when they picked Lamar Miller out of Miami in the fourth round. Miller is one of the best running backs in this draft class and is a perfect example of the BPA (Best Player Available) drafting style that Jeff Ireland followed this year. He is extremely talented and gives the Dolphins incredible talent at the running back position. Here are four videos on him:

2. Jonas Gray, Notre Dame
- Gray is an undrafted player that the Dolphins signed yesterday. I know nothing about him and was unable to find any good film on him, so here's a little info that I found on him:
Jonas Gray didn't show what he was truly capable of at Notre Dame until his last season. The running back emerged as a power runner as a senior, amassing 791 yards with 12 touchdowns on 114 carries in 11 games. A torn anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee in his final home game ended Gray's breakout season, but it started him on a path to possibly play in the NFL. Gray took part in some of Notre Dame's Pro Day activities on Tuesday, just five months removed from surgery. "It's crazy," Gray said of being talked about as any where from a third-round to fifth-round pick. "It's certainly a blessing. I just make sure I'm doing everything I can to get back to where I was before." Gray pushed his bench press number from 20 at the combine to 22 at Pro Day. He ran and cut during passing drills, but he didn't take part in other running or agility drills. "I felt like I could do a little bit more," said Gray, who admitted he has been told to hold back while he continues to recover from surgery. "It was all about patience," Gray added about returning from the injury. "A lot of times, I maybe felt a little over confident, but my doctors and physical therapist gave me great advice. I started to feel really good in about three and half months. When I came back from the combine, that's when I started to do a lot more running stuff, straight ahead speed stuff. I knew at this point I'd be pretty far ahead." - Tony Krausz, The Journal Gazette

Wide Receiver

1. B.J. Cunningham, Michigan St
- Cunningham was the Dolphins first receiver taken in the draft this year. They selected him in the sixth round, which was later than they were expected to. Regardless, Cunningham is a solid receiver who should contribute almost instantly. Here is a game that I found on him:

2. Rishard Matthews, Nevada
- Miami selected Matthews late in the 7th round. We'll see what he is able to do. Here are two games of his:

3. Jeff Fuller, Texas A&M
- Fuller was Ryan Tannehill's second favorite target last year. He went undrafted and Miami signed him yesterday. I'm skeptical about how good he is, but we didn't really have to give up much for him so there's really no harm if he isn't any good.

Tight End

1. Michael Egnew, Missouri
- Egnew is definitely a pass-catching tight end. I wasn't thrilled when we drafted him because I like Anthony Fasano a lot, but he strengthens our tight end group and will definitely help our passing game. Here are three games of his:

Offensive Line

1. Jonathan Martin, Stanford
- Martin was Stanford's starting left tackle. Miami selected him in the second round with the intention of moving him to right tackle. Hopefully he is able to make the transition smoothly.

2. Derek Dennis, Temple
- Dennis is another undrafted player that the Dolphins brought in. He is projected to be a right guard, but that is about all I know about him. Here is a scouting report that tells you a little more:
"Temple Owls offensive lineman Derek Dennis is a late-round prospect with power, good size, and with some additional coaching, the potential to be a quality reserve in the NFL. Dennis needs to continue working on his football. He lunges at times, causing him to overextend and lose his center of gravity.
When he can get his hands on defenders first, look out; but with so many offensive lines incorporating zone-blocking concepts, his ability to block on the move is limited. Pulling outside the tackle box isn't a strong-suit either. In pass protection, he does well holding his ground and taking on guys one-on-one.

Dennis does have room to grow as a football player. He's a project and a coaching staff will see that right away, but what they'll also see is a strong, physical lineman who's not afraid to scrap in the trenches. He needs to continue improving his knee bent and not lean too far forward. By taking shorter, quick steps his anchoring ability will improve overnight.

Dennis projects as a sixth round pick in the 2012 NFL Draft."

-Courtesy of FFToolbox

3. Josh Samuda, UMass
-Miami also signed him after the draft. It was tough finding anything on him. I do know that he is a guard. Here is the best I could find on him (sorry):

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