Potential Later Round Quarterback Options for the Miami Dolphins

Should the Miami Dolphins spend all of their first three 2012 draft selections on the likes of wide receiver, offensive line, outside pass rusher, or any of ten other positions besides quarterback, these gentlemen might be targeted via ricochet by the Dolphins on Draft Saturday.

Kirk Cousins

Case Keenum

Russell Wilson

I like this Russell Wilson kid A LOT, and he'd be my preference beyond Tannehill or Osweiler!! He's extremly intelligent, graduated from NC State in 3 years, decided he hadn't had enough of college football, and became the starting QB for Wisconsin as a walk-on after learning their West Coast Playbook in two weeks !! He has every-bit the intelligence, arm strength, accuracy, and mobility as the projected overall number two pick!! If he were three inches taller at 6-2 he'd hold a similar draft status projection to that of RG3!

Others might include Boise States Kellen Moore, a proven winner with Chad Pennington type intelligence, and arm accuracy, though CP has a cannon of an arm in comparison of the two, and K Moore is four inches shorter and 30 pounds lighter than the always broken Pennington!

San Diego States Ryan Lindley, Arizona's Nick Foles, and Southern Mississippi's Austin Davis ..

I personally am only a fan of Russell Wilson, while Austin Davis is described by some experts as "something special"!

THANKS for an Open-Minded Read of an attempt to get us one day closer to our hopes and dreams .. GOFINS!!