So Who Are The Fools?

Once the Free Agency period kicked in, so did the talk about how stupid the Dolphins Management and owner is. We heard past and present day players bash Ireland. We saw a small group of fans picketing at the Davie complex. While most of us listened, watched, and read what the sports media reported. They reported half truths and did there usual sensationalized stories about things they knew little of.

When Warren Sapp reported that Joey Porter, Channing Crowder and Ryan Clark felt that no players wanted to deal or play for the Dolphins. Did the NFL Network check into why those players would say that after 2 of them were cut from the team and the other player (Clark) was turned away, because the Dolphins felt he was using them to get a larger contract with the Steelers.

Then we had the dealings with Peyton Manning where he never met with the Dolphins at the Davie complex. At the end of last year Ross said he would pursue a Franchise QB. Shortly there after Mannings Camp let it out that he would be willing to play for less money, so Ross and Ireland went after him because he was after all willing pay for less, and the Dolphins only had about 15 million dollars in cap space to get him. When it was clear that Manning wanted to be the highest paid QB in the league, Manning looked at the cap space Miami had and ruled the Dolphins out of the picture. The media was right there at that time to once again bash Ireland and Ross over something they had no control over.

None of this excuses Ross for the way he handled the search to replace Tony Sparano after the 2010 season. That made the team look like we were under the Big Top of a PT Barnum Circus. Well let me tell you, Ross and Ireland are not alone.

After years of success Robert Irsay and his cronies has turned the Colts into the new Circus Masters. In one year they went from winning 10 games to winning 2. Their owner has taken to twitter and made a fool of himself. He insulted his QB that led his team to a Super Bowl win and countless playoff wins. RG3 will not give him a private workout because he doesn't want to play for the Colts and Irsay.

Then we have the Jets. Who have a QB problem and are trying to make it go away. Just like Ross did with TS the Jets are doing to Sanchez. They extend his contract and then trade for Tebow. Their clubhouse is a mess. The locker room as taken the lead from its HC. Making bold claims that they can't backup. That has led to players not only taking shots at each other in the locker room but on the field as well.

We will know take a look at the Cardinals another team that needed Peyton Manning. If you want to look at a team that is mismanaged they could take the cake. They went after Manning when they were millions of dollars over the cap limit. They signed Kevin Kolb earlier to a huge contract for a player with hardly any experience for the contract he signed. Not unlike what the Dolphin fans wanted Miami to do with Matt Flynn. How did that turn out for the Cardinals?

Seattle signed Matt Flynn for 3 years and $28 million and they are still looking to grab a QB. As their HC raves about having Flynn under contract, why are they looking for a QB early in the draft ? They can pick up someone later in the draft to develop.

I won't even touch the New Orleans Saints and the Bounty. Nor will talk about Spygate that helped the Patriots to 3 SB wins.

Now if you think the Miami Dolphins are alone on the train of stupidity I can assure you the Cabose is full of mistakes that have been made by the Owners and General Managers in the NFL.