Love Him or Leave Him !!!

Since it is a bit slow in Dolphin Land I thought I would ask what everyone thinks about Roger Goodell.  Do you think he went to far in suspending the Coaching Staff and the Players ?

I look at Roger Goodell as the Daddy of the NFL.  Some times a Daddy must do things he doesn't like to do, but because he feels it is best for his Family he must act.  It isn't a great position to be in I might add.  He will be dammed by the players and coaches if does something, but if he sits by and does nothing,  Then nothing will change, and the behavior will not change.

The last year of Pete Rozelle rule there were 70 off field transgressions in the NFL.  Last year under Roger Goodell there were 16.  Folks !!  Roger may not be liked but he is doing something right !!!  Some people may not like him, but you can't argue with those numbers.

Now I also am a Daddy, and one of the rules I had for myself in being a Parent was this.  If you expect nothing from your Child that is exactly what you will get. 
" Nothing "  Roger Goodell is being a good Daddy in my eyes.  He expects his players to act in a professional manner while they are under his watch, and if they don't then be prepared to pay the price.