So who do you hate ?

To say it is slow in Dolphin land would be putting it mildly, there simply is little to talk about.  I guess that is a good thing. I always felt it is better for a team to have a quiet off season.  It's boring but it is still a good thing.

So I am going to go in a different direction. I am going to tell you about a few teams I can't stand.  First off is the Dallas Cowboys.  I only have 2 favorite teams in the NFL.  The Miami Dolphins and anyone playing the Dallas Cowboys.  Man did I hate the Dolphins bringing in all the cast off Cowboys to play down here.  I don't have any problems with the players it's just the fact that they came from the Cowboys that bothered me.

A very close second is the NY Jets.  I can't figure out why I hate the Jets maybe it's that stupid chant of J-E-T-S jets, jets, jets.  Couldn't they come up something better than that ?  I guess it makes more sense that I dislike the Jets because they play in our division.  Maybe it is their fans that make stomach turn.  I don't see how year after year their fans talk about how great the Jets are and they suck as bad as we do most of the time. 

I am trying to think of a player I really don't like other than anyone that plays for the Cowboys I can't think of any.  Wait a second Joe Montana could come close to the hate category, but not really.  What I didn't like about him was everyone thinking he was better than Dan Marino.  That is an " ABSOLUTE JOKE " Joe Montana was no Dan Marino it isn't even close.  Although the " CATCH " by Dwight Clark against the Cowboys was pretty cool.