Top 100 Players released a list today of the top 100 players in the NFL voted on by the players.  Here is the link to that list

You will notice that Jake Long was listed as the 59th best player in the league.  It has always been a contention of mine that a player must live up to there contract.  If they don't do that, then the team must reduce there salary or trade them.  I don't think I will ever feel any differently when it comes to that theory.  I always want the Dolphins to get the best bang for their buck because of the salary cap, that will be the best thing for the team.

At the end of last year I felt that Jake Long was slipping a bit, and because of the size of his contract I was leaning toward the prospects of trying to make a trade for him.  Then today I heard about this list and I saw that the players, his peers, said he was the best LT in the business.  I can't tell you how many posts this list has completely trashed for me.

Something else has came to the forefront from this list.  It tells me that I should always trust my eyes.  You see, during the year except for the one game against Julius Peppers, I thought that Jake Long played pretty well.  When the season ended I noticed that the Dolphins gave up an astounding 52 sacks.  Upon further checking I saw that Jake Long was responsible for more than his usual share of sacks and QB pressures, even though he missed a few games.  Those stats lead me to believe that Jake Long wasn't as effective as he had been.  Add to that his contract is up this year, and all of that had me thinking Jake Long could be trade bait.

The NFL players have told us what they think of Jake Long.  If he is good enough for them, then he is surely good enough for me.  Sometimes it takes the players to set you straight.