Traditions or Superstitions

Once again it is slow here in Shout Land with little going on in Davie.  I thought I would post something, a little different.  I was going to do a post on who the Dolphins might resign, looking further down the road.  That would have required some research on my part and I hate doing research.  So I came up with this.  No research is required for this and that is my kind of post.  I will do something on which players the Dolphins may keep, but that will be at a later time.  We have a large number of players in the final year of contracts.

When I had season tickets many years ago, my friends and I had a tradition.  We would get to the game early and eat at the Arthur Treachers Fish and Chips across the street from the Orange Bowl.  On the way home we would stop at the Lums in North Miami Beach on A1A.  During the away games we would go outside and toss a football around during half times.  For some reason we felt if we didn't do those things the Dolphins would lose.  During the 1972 season this seemed to work very good.  We were convinced that these traditions were the reason the Dolphins went undefeated that year.  Looking back at that time now, I think all the beer we consumed on game days had allot to do with the delusional idea that where we ate could influence a game.  Then again who could argue with our theory ?

At this time I bring up the chat box Paul puts on this site and bitch about crappy the Dolphins are playing. So I would like to know if you have any type of Traditions or Superstitions before or after a game on game day ?  Do you have tailgate party at home or when you go to a game ?  If so what is your favorate food to bring to a tailgate party ? 

If I were to go to a tailgate party before a game I would do something simple.  Like burgers and dogs on the grill with chips and beer or soda.  The last thing I want to be bogged down with at tailgate party is cooking something that takes allot of time to cook.