Who's Your DaddyGate?

Canamdolphin asked if anyone was following the BountyGate, so I would like all of you to blame him if you don't like what I think. This entire post is his fault. So here it goes.

Once again I will use what I believe in Parenting skills and apply them to what happened with the Bounties.  For me it doesn't matter if the players actually put money on the table as the NFL believes. The players suspended didn't need to do that.

To use my Parenting theory in this case. There are many times a Parent isn't sure if their Child created a scene about something, they may have no clear evidence that their Child did something wrong. They may only have the fact that their Child was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and that alone is reason enough to take action.

I believe that is what happened with the suspensions to the players involved. It seems pretty clear there were bounties. Drew Brees with all his crying has never denied that. His biggest complaint to the NFL, is prove to everyone the players involved were the ones that supplied the money. Daddy Roger doesn't need to prove anything to anyone. There was a bounty. Someone supplied the money. The team was warned and they didn't stop the bounty program. The head coach was suspended for one year, the DC was suspended indefinitely. The players were supplying the money. Everyone knows it!!! Daddy Roger decided some players are going down also.

How can the NFL protect the players safety when the players themselves are collecting money for the big hits? To be honest with you, I don't want to see players get hurt, but if some team racks up Brady for the year I'm not going to cry about it. The players themselves would sue the NFL in a heart beat if they found out the NFL did nothing to protect the players from injury. The players that were involved in the bounty would jump in the line to sue the NFL.

Daddy Roger is Judge, Jury, and executioner. Maybe the suspensions were to heavy, and maybe Daddy Roger doesn't have iron clad proof. It is interesting as canamdolpin said none of the NFL teams have said a thing. Not even Tom Benson the owner of the Saints. Sean Payton and Williams have also said nothing. They could be under a gag order, who knows.

What I do know is, I side with Daddy Roger on the suspensions. When you are a Parent, you will do a number of things that are not popular with your Children, but you do them because you feel it needs to be done. Most of the time it doesn't seem fair to the child. In this case there was a bounty, and Daddy has a good idea who was behind it. My suggestion to the players is this: take your medicine and shut up!!!