You Tell Me: Who Do You Think Will Be the Miami Dolphins Top Receivers?

It's been a long time since I've done a "You Tell Me" with the Miami Dolphins, so I figured I would do a new one today.

Here's today's question:

Who do you think the Miami Dolphins top two receivers will be this year? And as a bonus question, who do you want the Miami Dolphins top two receivers to be?

If you're not familiar with a "You Tell Me", basically I just ask a question and you guys let me know. The kick is that I don't provide my own opinion. I want to know what you guys think without me influencing you at all.

So, let me know. Below is a list of most of the Miami Dolphins receivers (in alphabetical order):

  • Davone Bess
  • BJ Cunningham
  • Jeff Fuller
  • Clyde Gates
  • Brian Hartline
  • Chad Johnson
  • Rishard Matthews
  • Marlon Moore
  • Legedu Naanee
  • Julius Pruitt
  • Roberto Wallace
Thanks for stopping by. Let me know what you think.

Braylon Edwards is not a Match for the Miami Dolphins

The wide receiver situation in Miami must be getting a dire when Braylon Edwards is invited to Dolphin camp for a look-see. I guess Braylon has forgotten about, "I think they used me as a pawn in the things that they were trying to do. It happens," Edwards wasn’t too happy with Miami back in 2005, "So at that time I still had it in the back of my head that they told me one thing and did another. We call that lying."

Coming out of Michigan should have been the first clue Edwards would never live up to his draft status. Even his dad got in on the act while Edwards was a rookie in Cleveland, "If you pick somebody third, then find out if they're a failure or not," Stan Edwards said. "They need to go back to his college film and see that he's a 7-foot high jumper with a freakish sense of timing when in the air, and he could bench-press 225 pounds 31 times, so he's not going to get the ball taken away."

As a fan, I always wondered where a college kid got those 5-carat diamond earrings before ever getting a paycheck. It’s freakish how money comes out of nowhere and no one questions a kid’s character. Nick Saban will be remembered more like Satan in Miami because he could sure spin a yarn with a straight face, "I apologize to anybody that was misled by anyone in this organization who made that comment," Saban said. "I could only say that I didn't make it, and I could only take responsibility and apologize for our organization if that did occur."

The Dolphins played Cleveland that year and Edwards said in June he had circled Sunday's date between the two teams as a means of motivation, but now he is only concerned with winning. "It has gotten to the point where I've moved on and I put that out of my head," he said. "This game isn't about revenge."

Edwards got rich off his rookie contract and turned out to be one of those players whose love for money far exceeds his desire to run slants over the middle. That is not going to change no matter how desperate Edwards gets now that money is gone. Many fans in Miami barely remember the whining but some will never forget.

This coaching staff and personnel department had nothing to do with the Edwards affair in 2005, but to think this guy is going to change would be foolish. When a team like the Jets is willing to let him go, there is no place for him in Miami, like there wasn’t in Cleveland or San Francisco.

Braylon Edwards is all about Braylon Edwards and will always be, the Miami Dolphins don’t need another Brandon Marshall that is less productive. Consider the following career stats…



Edwards broke 1000 yards once in his career and surpassed 10 TDs only once that same year, 2007. When Edwards should have broken out into one of the games great receivers he went backwards.

Then there is Edwards legal issues… He has been pulled over several times over the last eight years for speeding violations. The most recent of which was in October 2008 when he was pulled over for driving 120 mph in a 65 mph zone.

Two days before being traded to the New York Jets, on October 5, 2009, Edwards reportedly punched Edward Givens, a local party promoter, in the face at 2:30 A.M. outside of the View Ultralounge & Nightclub. Givens, who is an acquaintance of LeBron James, alleged that Edwards was jealous of James' success thus prompting Edwards' attack. This prompted James to call the incident "childish."

On October 26, 2009, Edwards was charged with misdemeanor assault and later plead no contest to the charge of aggravated assault on January 12, 2010. Edwards was given a suspended 180-day jail sentence, was fined $1,000 and placed on inactive probation. Though Edwards offered no explanation or apology for his actions, he reportedly regretted the entire ordeal according to his lawyer. The NFL did not suspend Edwards for his actions.

On September 21, 2010, Edwards was arrested on a drunken driving charge in New York early in the morning. He was originally pulled over for having excessively tinted windows on his Range Rover. Police smelled alcohol on Edwards who blew 0.16—twice the legal limit. He was arrested on a DWI charge. He is still on probation for the altercation that occurred in October 2009… (WIKI)

The Dolphins can do much better than messing around with Braylon Edwards even if it means keeping the players already on the roster.

Three Reasons David Garrard Will Win the Miami Dolphins Starting QB Job over Matt Moore

I know that the majority of you believe that Matt Moore will be the Miami Dolphins starting quarterback this year, and I understand why you think so. During the last nine games of the season the Dolphins went 6-3 with him under center. Yes, he did lose three games before that stretch, but once he was on a roll he played really well and led the team on a nice run.

Trust me, I get it. Matt Moore gave us hope. David Garrard wasn't on an NFL team during the season last year, and he is coming off of a back injury. It only makes sense that Moore, who was last year's team MVP, will be the starter this year, right?

Wrong. David Garrard should, and will, be the starter once the season rolls around and the Dolphins are at Houston, and here's why:

1. Garrard will win in practice - No matter how good you think Matt Moore is you have to acknowledge that he isn't a good practice player. Moore has never been great in practices. You can call him a "gamer" all you want. You can argue that all that matters is what happens in the real game, and under most circumstances I would agree with you, but not here.

There is no way that Joe Philbin, Mike Sherman, and the rest of Miami's coaching staff can justify starting a player who has been outperformed for the majority of the team's practices and benching the man who has clearly been better. You can say that Matt Moore plays his best game during the regular season all you want, but the fact of the matter is this: if he doesn't show up in practice he won't be able to play in games.

Garrard has been performing at a high level in Miami. He has consistently looked like the best quarterback on the team. Matt Moore hasn't. Maybe Moore has looked better than him in a practice or two this offseason, but if you are looking at the whole body of work so far it isn't even close. It's possible that things could turn around and Moore could win the starting job, but don't count on it. Until Moore is able to turn into more than just a "gamer" he won't be able to win.

2. The offense suits Garrard better than it does Moore - Garrard is better suited for, and has more experience with, the West Coast offense, which is the Dolphins offensive system. Matt Moore isn't a West Coast quarterback, and he didn't have to run under a West Coast system last year.

It has already become evident in the past two days of training camp. Garrard has just looked like the better quarterback with this offense. Moore has been inconsistent and it is obvious that he is less comfortable with the West Coast system.

Garrard has also had exposure to the west coast offense before in Jacksonville. Matt Moore hasn't. You can bet that that will be a factor in the battle between the two.

3. Garrard is more consistent - One thing about Matt Moore's NFL career that has concerned me is that he has never started for a full NFL season. He has had a good stretch with both the Carolina Panthers and the Dolphins, but he has never put together a full season.

When he was with the Panthers he started the final five games of the 2009-2010 season and finished with a 98.5 passer rating. The following season he didn't play nearly as well. He was benched after Week 9, and he finished the season with a 55.6 passer rating

Garrard, on the other hand, has had an 80+ passer rating every year as the full-time starting quarterback in Jacksonville. He has been to the playoffs (and led a game-winning drive in an AFC Wild Card game). He has been to the Pro Bowl. Sure, Matt Moore has also competed at a high level before, but never with any real consistency.

It comes down to this: do you expect Matt Moore, who isn't very consistent, who isn't truly comfortable with the Dolphins offense, and who isn't great at practice, to beat out veteran David Garrard, who is all three of those things? I don't, and I would be very surprised if he does.

I also don't want you guys to think that this is me not liking Matt Moore. I do like Moore. I am just looking at this competition realistically, and I don't see how he wins it.

Thanks for stopping by. If you haven't already please vote in the poll on the right of this page for who you want the Dolphins to start at QB this year.

Feel free to email me at I'm also on twitter @PaulDSmythe. I will try and do a daily count of "wins" in training camp between Moore and Garrard. So far Garrard is ahead with two practices to Moore's zero.

Ryan Tannehill: The Future is in the House!

Well, it's a done deal. Our Dolphins and your long-term Quarterback of the future, Ryan Tannehill, came to terms on a new contract today, according to ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter!

Miami's eighth overall selection, wearing the Aqua and Orange number 17 has officially signed.

"Terms of the contract weren't disclosed Saturday. However, the Dolphins made concessions to make the deal more palatable, and the quarterback was unwilling to miss more time to continue negotiating on offset language"

Looks as though we're good to go at Quarterback for 2012 through 2025 or so.


The Miami Dolphins as Acted out by Youth Impersonators

Hey SHOUTsters and Miami Dolphin Fans Everywhere : )

It can be suggested that the West Coast Offense requires more precise play from every positional player on the field. That may be, though I'd suggest that it's still just football for all eleven players: take the snap, legally beat the guy your responsible for beating, and execute with the ball. Quarterback is still a QB, running back is still a RB, wide receivers are still WRs and so on. Their overall responsibilities are the same no matter what the offense they play in is called! Get the ball to your playmakers and let them tuck it and run. It's no different than any other offensive style of football! The routes may require slightly different angles and/or precise execution, but it's still football. Regardless of where he is the QB needs to get the ball within range of wherever the open receivers fingers are and the receiver must catch it when the ball touches their fingers! Running backs protect the ball and run (preferably behind your blockers)! Blocking schemes are different on occasion, but it's still football. Pancake the guy your responsible for having for breakfast!

Here's a look at a few of the Basic Football player responsibilities that will be asked of our youthful group to execute during the Pre-Season.

Charles Clay (in green) lead-blocking for Reggie Bush.

Though all three of our Quarterbacks can make any throw required of an NFL QB, they'll need to work on the ONE and ONLY pass that Tim Tebow has mastered.

Here's a play that might be run by Tannehill, but not Moore or Garrard.

Here's a lil of a lot that we'll see from Cam Wake, the entire defense, and us fans!!

The New Coaching Staff will be tested too while the media will remain it's usual unassuming self.

Can I get a Hallelujahhh? The 2012 NFL Pre-Season has arrived!

Lets hope our Dolphin season goes better than that ;) !!

After you're done reading ..(This video can't be embedded, so click on the link to see it)!! It was intended to open the scenario of video's, but having to leave the page messed with the flow ..

So with the Pre-season upon us .. ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL ??
Which play would you like to see the most of from your Miami Dolphins, and which players are you most looking forward to seeing execute ??

THANKS for an Open-Minded Read, as we look forward to your angle of view ; ) !!
A L L L R I G H T M I A M I !!

The Miami Dolphin Offense is ready to Explode

There are plenty of unknowns as Dolphin camp sets to open tomorrow, but there is also an underlying excitement because there is a lot of talent on the Miami offense. The trolls continue to litter blogs with negative comments about Jeff Ireland and Stephen Ross, while true Miami fans sense a difference and it’s coming around quick.

The offense has a collection of weapons not seen in Miami for many years. The haters may think Reggie Bush is overrated but does it matter when Bush is joined in the backfield with Daniel Thomas and Lamar Miller? Each of these three backs has a game all their own and each is a serious threat many teams would love to have.

Bush may wish to become a feature back, but he will serve the Dolphins as a kind of rover, being moved from position to position as the defense presents mismatches. Daniel Thomas is the power back, but as a former QB, he too is capable of understanding mismatches and is elusive enough to exploit them. In Lamar Miller, Jeff Ireland hit a homerun! Miller was woefully underused at UM as the Hurricanes were completely incapable of knowing a diamond when staring straight at it.

It means, Ireland has put together what time may prove to be the best trio of backs in the NFL. The typical Miami offense of the past would not be able to utilize all of these talents, but the west coast offense is perfect for this mixture of talent. Each of these players is equally comfortable catching the ball as taking a hand-off. It points to Miami having some serious threats coming out of the backfield that will keep opposing defenses wondering from where the strike is coming.

The Dolphins have been grooming receivers for three or four years, what many folks don’t understand is, receiver is the hardest position to acclimate to in the NFL. Most receivers take several years to understand the nuances of the position. The reason is because most have never had to learn how to read coverages and then adjust patterns based on what they see. It is further complicated by having to see the same thing as the QB sees for a successful completion.

Brian Hartline and Davone Bess are exceptions because they were very quick to catch on and extremely good at studying the game. Roberto Wallace is ready to break out. Wallace is the prototypical late blooming receiver. He has all the skills and size, what he didn’t have was the knowledge and experience, this year, he will blossom. With Chad Johnson in the mix, that is four very good, unselfish wideouts and they will surprise people this year.

With Anthony Fasano, the Dolphins have one of the best all around TEs in the game. In the previous offense Fasano was used mainly in blocking, but in a quick strike offense, his numbers could change drastically. Michael Egnew will add another dimension to the position with his ability to run seam routes. And then there is Charles Clay, perhaps the best kept secret on the Miami Dolphin roster. Clay can play RB, FB, TE and WR, used properly, he will be dangerous.

The offensive line has been an issue since line guru Tony Sparano was hired, but Sparano was lost on a blocking scheme that has become passé in the NFL and he brought in players to fit that mold. It did not work, but very quickly, the line has become another strength that seemed to be a weakness.

Jake Long will benefit from the transformation to a zone-blocking scheme that will keep him out of the two on one battles that have caused his injuries. Incognito is a solid guard and will also excel in this scheme, and Martin will grow into the RT position, but the guy who will become a force is Mike Pouncey.

The west coast offense thrives on great play from the center position. In a quick passing offense, defenses must take direct routes to the QB and that means straight up power rushing. A great center is required to shore up the middle and give the QB the couple seconds he needs to find a receiver. Also, most of the pulling is done with the center and opposite guard, pulling is Pouncey’s strength.

That leaves only the QB position and what Matt Moore was able to accomplish in the last nine games in 2011 tells Miami fans, he has what it takes to run an offense. Moore may not even get the nod over David Garrard who has also shown the ability to win in the NFL. But there is more, in the wings is a promising rookie who may not even get on the field.

Whatever the naysayers think about Miami, they will be singing a different tune when this team comes from nowhere to ruin many team’s Sundays in 2012. The Dolphins are not ready for the Super Bowl, but the Miami offense is poised. Teams that sleep on the Dolphins will be hurting on Monday after dragging themselves home from a thorough beat down.

So What do the Miami Dolphins Have in Joe Philbin?

What type of a coach will Joe Philbin be? I always compare a football coach and a Franchise to a Family unit. At this time I'm only talking about the Father of the team "Joe Philbin".

It is a bit hard to figure exactly how JP will run the team. I am still going to try to do so. Having watched from a distance of my home, so far I like what I am seeing. Joe Philbin is articulate without being condescending. He seems to be a serious person but still has a sense of humor, and can poke fun at himself. I get the feeling this job is not too big for him, as if it is just his next step of a learning curve and he is more than ready for it.

He doesn't run from controversy. When a reporter from the Palm Beach Post called him a lair, he confronted him by phone later the same night he wrote the article. The next day that same reporter (I won't use his name here) wrote another article and said that he received a call from JP and thought that JP would ream him out for what he wrote, but that wasn't what happened. Philbin didn't like what he wrote and he told the reporter as much, and then he went on and explained why he said what he did about Hartline missing minicamp.

I see Philbin being a man of few words and plenty of action. He saw that the players didn't respect Sparano and he was going to make sure to put an end to that. So during the OTAs and minicamp he ran them at warp speed, running plays every 22 seconds with 2 complete offense teams playing back to back on the field. Basically an offensive play was being ran every 11 seconds. The players were asking the coaches if this is the way it was going to be during camp? I'm not sure if they were given an answer.

One thing is for sure. When the players begin camp in just a few days if they are not in shape they are going to be run into the ground by the pace of the practices. The players will be in shape because they know what to expect. Joe Philbin has not coached a single game as the Miami Dolphin Head Coach, but he has the players attention, and he has their respect.

Joe Philbin has brought expectations back to the Miami Dolphins. Raising a Family is not that hard if you use one idea in doing so. If you expect nothing from your Family members and your Children you will get nothing. Joe Philbin expects something in his players and we are going to see that he gets what he expects. To start out it will be nothing more than being in shape and ready to go when camp opens.

Before the season starts one of us will ask what record you think the Dolphins will have this year. Don't answer that at this time please. I only ask that you consider that Joe Philbin expects more from this team then those that were here before him, and so should we.

Which brings me back to what type of a coach will Joe Philbin be? I'll leave that question to all of you.

Miami Dolphins in Fantasy Football: Who Should You Draft?

Training camp for the Miami Dolphins is starting this week, and while they're busy trying to build their team you should be busy trying to build your own.

I'm talking about your fantasy football team, and since we are a site focused on the Dolphins, I figured it would be a good idea to do a post focused on who you should consider drafting from the Miami Dolphins on your fantasy football team. I will be dividing the discussion into three sections: high-performance players, players worthy of a roster spot, and players reserved for deeper leagues. Let's get started.

High-Performance Fantasy Players

Reggie Bush, RB - I should probably just say "High-Performance Fantasy Player" because Reggie Bush is the only Dolphin that will produce fantasy football starter-type numbers with any consistency, but that's not important. What is important is that Reggie finished his first ever 1,000-yard season last year with 1,086 rushing yards, 296 receiving yards, and 7 total touchdowns, and he'll probably be even better this year.

Bush has said that he is aiming for the rushing title this year, and while I'm not sure if he will be able to do that or not, I am sure that he will be able to put up big numbers again. He is coming in this season as the clear starter in Miami's offense. He didn't really produce at a high level last season until Week 8 against the Giants. Since the game against New York he has been a different running back. My guess is that he will be able to carry the momentum he had to finish off last year into this season.

Not only will Bush be the primary back, he'll also be lining up as a wide receiver. He will have plenty of touches this season, and I expect he will put up numbers that will make fantasy owners very happy. AND, if you're in a PPR (points-per-reception) league, then Bush becomes even more valuable with all of the receptions that he is bound to have.

On top of all that, Bush missed only one game last season. If he is able to stay healthy you can be sure that he will produce at a high level.

Dolphins Worthy of a Roster Spot

Chad Johnson, WR - I don't care what anyone says about Mr. Ochocinco. He is still capable of putting up great numbers. He wasn't a good fit with the New England Patriots because they had a very complex offense that he was never able to master. Miami's offense is much simpler, so you can expect to see him return to the kind of numbers that he had in Cincinnati. I would not be surprised at all if he was able to put up 1,000 yards this year, and that makes him an absolute steal compared to where he is being drafted. He is Miami's most talented receiver, and that's not a knock on any of the Dolphins receivers. He is just a great wide receiver, and now that he is comfortable he will produce like one. Draft him late and be glad you did.

David Garrard, QB - As some of you know I have been saying with confidence for a little while now that David Garrard will be the starter in Miami. I am confident that he will be the man, and I have backed it up by taking him in one of my own leagues. Garrard likely won't put up starting fantasy quarterback numbers, but I believe that he would be an excellent bye week or injury fill-in. I can see him throwing for something like 3,000 yards and 20 touchdowns, and he'll also get you a few rushing touchdowns as well. This offense suits Garrard perfectly, and his statistics will reflect that.

Dolphins for Deeper Leagues

Are you in a fantasy league with a large roster? Are you in a dynasty or keeper league where you keep players on your team for multiple years? If so then this next list of players could be very valuable to you. Here are some players that you shouldn't draft early, but you should consider drafting later on.

Daniel Thomas, RB - Thomas looked good at the beginning of the season last year, but after he was injured he seemed to fade away. I think there's a good chance Thomas will play like he was when he started the year, and Reggie Bush has had a history of injuries so he could get a few starts with a significant amount of carries.

Lamar Miller, RB - Miller is an intriguing prospect, because you know he will get a lot of touches if Reggie Bush goes down. I still think that Daniel Thomas is ahead of him on the depth chart this year, but if you are doing a league where you keep a player for longer than just a year Miller might be a great investment.

Charles Clay, HB/TE - Clay is the player in this list of deeper guys that I think has a chance to break out and put up some great numbers. He might not be a household name, but you can just use that to your advantage. Take him with one of your last picks, and you could end up with a starting fantasy TE. I would really recommend him for dynasty and keeper leagues because he is young and could produce for years to come.

Anthony Fasano, TE - Fasano is my favorite player on the Dolphins, and in the NFL. If you're looking for a backup tight end for your fantasy squad consider Fasano. He has under-performed for a few years, but I have a feeling that David Garrard will be great for him and will bring him back to similar numbers like he had with Chad Pennington throwing him the ball. If you're looking for a TE for a dynasty or keeper league I would draft Clay, though. He is younger and you will have him for a lot more years than you will Fasano.

Davone Bess and Brian Hartline, WRs - Both Bess and Hartline are solid players that can put up solid numbers. If you need a receiver as a fill-in for an injury or a bye week you can draft either and know that you will get some production out of either. If I had to choose one I would say Bess (especially for PPR) because I feel like he fits perfectly into this new offense. He is a clean, quick route runner, and that will pay off for him in Miami's new system.

Roberto Wallace and Julius Pruitt, WRs - Only get these guys if you can hold them for a year or two. I feel like one of them will take over as a number one receiver once Chad Johnson is gone, but the problem for me is figuring out which one will do it. Wallace has been getting rave reviews from a lot of different people in practices so far this offseason, but Pruitt has been known to put up three touchdown games in practice. He hasn't translated that to a real game yet, but the potential is there.

Ryan Tannehill, QB - Tannehill is another player that you should draft to hold on to for a year or two before starting. Eventually he will be given the reins as the starter for the Dolphins, but he will need a year or two to develop. Draft Tannehill with the expectation that in a few years you will get a quarterback who will likely be a starting fantasy QB.

That's all we've got for today. I hope you guys liked the post. Feel free to email me at I'm also on twitter at @PaulDSmythe.

Joe Paterno Relates to Football at Every Level

While the football world churns toward a new season, the usual off-season misadventures keep writers busy. There has been plenty of news, Dez Bryant and his mother, Aqib Talib and his sister, the usual suspects filling the downtime with foolishness reserved for instant millionaires with too much time on their hands. The most startling being the fall from grace of the once impenetrable fortress known as Joe Paterno.

The football world meets the mainstream when a man like Paterno has his statue removed and his university sanctioned for the sins of a pedophile Joe dismissed 20 years ago… It’s a sign of the times, when a dead man falls in recrimination for the terrible actions of another. It seems certain Paterno knew more about Sandusky than he was willing to share with the authorities, but Paterno is not the criminal and this is the result of the heights Joe was able to attain on the football field.

It is the spotlight on millionaires that reflects the mood of the public. The game has turned into some form of religion where the inquisition is against heretics who stain the field with their infidelities, and are burned at the stake. Millions of dollars are lavished on heroes with the expectation to never blemish the sanctity of the game. The media has become the conscience of the people, hunting down perpetrators or anyone somehow attached to them in a public coup de grâce.

The pen is mightier than the sword and the number of pens is equal to a thousand swords, hence the vitriol has no ears for repentance, only a naked display of public disdain.
The importance of character in a player or coach cannot be downplayed when a man of the stature held by Joe Paterno can succumb to the allure of fame or the fear of disgrace.

It is a far cry to find virtues untarnished by the power of eminence and history is filled with the downfall of the mighty, caused by their own success. Football is but a game and the game was never meant to attain gladiator status in the eyes of its creators. Yet cannot Jerry Sandusky be as Brutus with a dagger in his hand, soaked in Paterno’s blood, Et tu, Brute?

Character is not a one man show, it is the collective behavior of an entire organization. When one piece of that organization becomes above criticism and internal admonition, external invectives are soon to follow. This is the lesson of Jerry Sandusky, not just to Penn State, but to every team in any sport, character must go all the way to the bone. If a sore is allowed to fester, it will inevitably become the death knell of all who tried to secrete it away.

Paterno, like Tiger Woods before him, has shown athletes the responsibility of being millionaires at the expense of fans. Those same fans will equal the adulation they celebrate in victory with the scorn they pile on in desecration. The leadership in Miami, hopefully is a little ahead of the curve with the trading of Brandon Marshall. Fans expect more from these athletes and coaches than they expect from themselves and that is the price of fame.

Hard Knocks had hoped to come into town with Brandon Marshall fresh off emergency surgery from a knife wound inflicted by his wife. Alas, Marshall’s act was shipped to Chicago and reunited with his buddy Jay Cutler. South Beach has been quiet, Davie has been quiet and it all points to a team that means business in 2012, but the lesson of Joe Paterno and Penn State should resonate in the minds of football people at every level of the sport.

The interesting thing for Dolphin fans has been the lack of entertainment the team has provided for the media inquisition. Miami is safe for the moment as the pattern; hard-work, fame, riches and demise, is back at the hard-work stage. Many in Dolphin land lament the lack of media attention, but it is surely a situation of being careful what you wish for, because the king is always the target.

Karl Marx once stated, “Religion is the opium of the people…” The game, of course, has not turned into some abstract form of religion, but it is certainly a diversion for the masses of fans and can make paupers rich, while tearing down the statues of fallen kings. The game is a testament to character, from the time a boy dons his first helmet, to the time he walks away from the field as a man, he is taught the virtue of character.

If that virtue is lost in the riches the game provides, it will not be long before the coliseums crumble into ruins and a later civilization looks upon them and wonders, how did the mighty fall?

Sunday Fun Day: Looking at this Year's Miami Dolphins [Video]

I figured that this could be a good Sunday afternoon read for all Miami Dolphins fans. I have a couple of videos below that I think you guys will enjoy.

First, I figured that I would start with the trailer for HBO's Hard Knocks with the Miami Dolphins. Don't forget that the season premiere is August 7th on HBO.

Now, for a video with highlights of this year's Miami Dolphins rookie class.

Now I figure that I'll finish this with a video of my favorite Dolphin who I think will be a huge contributor in Miami's new offense: Anthony Fasano

Thanks for stopping by. Don't forget that training camp starts July 27th at 8:00 am. If anyone is going to any of the practices please let me know. I would love to hear what you see there.

I am always available for emails at Follow me on twitter:

NFL Network Analyst: Miami Dolphins Should Sign Terrell Owens

I think that we can all agree that the Miami Dolphins don't have the best receiving corps in the league. I don't think that the Dolphins have a bad group of receivers, but I don't see us anywhere near a pass-heavy team like the Green Bay Packers, New York Giants, or any of those teams.

Miami has a few young guys with a lot of promise, but until they actually do something when it matters their "promise" doesn't mean that much.

So, what does NFL Network Analyst Jamie Dukes suggest that the Dolphins do to fix their "receiver woes"? Here is exactly what he said on NFL Network, courtesy of James Walker of ESPN:

"The guy Miami needs to bring in - I’ve said it before and I will keep saying it - is Terrell Owens. Terrell Owens, I believe if healthy, is a top-25 receiver. He had a great year in Cincinnati and Chad Ochocinco and T.O. have worked together before in Cincinnati."

Is the great Terrell Owens a top-25 receiver if healthy? I think that you could argue that he is.

Is it worth taking on all of the problems and off-the-field issues that he carries with him? Not at all. I don't care if Terrell Owens was capable of being among the top 15 receivers in the NFL. He brings everything that the Dolphins were trying to get rid of when they traded Brandon Marshall back, and he (probably) would be even worse than Marshall.

I don't care if he worked well with Chad Ochocinco. I don't care if the two are good friends. Terrell Owens is not worth the headache that he would bring to the Miami Dolphin coaches, players, and fans.

I had no problem with Miami signing Chad Ochocinco. He has his quirks, and he loves to talk, but he's harmless. In fact, he is actually a good guy. He is extremely generous to fans and has always given back to them. T.O., on the other hand, is a completely different monster.

I think that Owens could be successful with the right coach, quarterback, etc., but Miami isn't the right place for him.

Plus, we don't want another one of these.

Thanks for stopping by. What do you think about the Miami Dolphins and Terrell Owens?

Feel free to contact me at I'm also on twitter at @PaulDSmythe.

The Miami Dolphins and the Lucky Number 17

Hey SHOUTsters and all Miami Dolphin fans :)

Another NFL Mi-Aggie Dolphins season is just around the corner, and at the beginning of each new season 32 teams all have an initial goal to become one of 12 playoff participants. Six playoff teams from each conference (AFC and NFC) includes four division winners along with two wildcard teams from each conference.

Today's NFL has a running streak of sixteen straight years in which five of the previous years playoff contenders have been replaced by five new teams that weren't involved beyond the previous years regular season. Pretty amazing don't you think?

HA, gotcha, you thought this was a Tannehill story, Don't Lie, GIGGITTY ; )!

Now before you go spouting off about why haven't our Fins been involved they have actually been in the playoffs for six of those sixteen years (97-2001) along with 2008. They made the postseason in '95, but became one of the teams to start the above mentioned 16-year streak while being replaced by a '95 non-contender in '96, they were also one of the replaced teams in 2002 and 2009. Meanwhile, they've also been one of the non-playoff contenders who replaced the previous years contenders twice in (1997 and 2008). Therefore in one way or another they've been involved in the streak approximately two-thirds of the time.

So with that being said, should the streak continue? The Miami Dolphins are one of 20 teams vying for any one of five potentially vacated playoff spots.

Lets take a look at who was or wasn't in the 2011 playoffs and try to conclude who 2012's fab five might be, and also who from 2011's post-season is left looking in from the outside. Now the new five (should it take place for a 17th straight season) could all come from the same conference, be split four to one, or be split three to two. So it's gonna take some careful deduction and understanding of what each team did to end 2011 and also what they have done during the offseason to come to your own reasonable conclusion. Now, I can't offer all that information in this post, so lets hope we've all been paying attention to what has taken place. With that knowledge, along with the momentum of each team's end to 2011, let's try to deduce what might happen in 2012 with zero knowledge of the possible obstacles which may face each particular team.

Should be easy enough, right?

2011 Playoff participants ..
AFC Division Winners ..
13 - 3 Pats ( East )
12 - 4 Ravens ( North )
10 - 6 Texans ( South )
8 - 8 Broncos ( West )

AFC Wild Cards ..
12 - 4 Steelers ( North )
9 - 7 Bengals ( North )

AFC Up and Comers final 9 games, (lets face it, 0 - 7 will never again be an issue)!
5 - 4 Titans overall 9 - 7 ( South )
4 - 5 Chargers overall 8 - 8 ( West )
4 - 5 Raiders overall 8 - 8 ( West )
4 - 5 nyets overall 8 - 8 ( East )
3 - 6 Chiefs overall 7 - 9 ( West )
6 - 3 DOLPHINS overall 6 - 10 ( East )
1 - 8 Bills overall 6 - 10 ( East )
3 - 6 Jags overall 5 - 11 ( South )
1 - 8 Browns overall 4 - 12 ( North )
2 - 7 Colts overall 2 - 14 ( South )

Now I realize that most are primarily interested only in whether or not your Miami Dolphins can be one of the five! So, for those folks we'll try and find which two AFC 2011 non-contenders might potentially be able to replace two teams that are likely feeling a bit cocky. Again, "all five could come from the AFC", though that is highly doubtful!

For those entertained by the entire puzzle ..

NFC Division Winners ..
15 - 1 Packers ( North )
13 - 3 Niners ( West )
13 - 3 Saints ( South )
9 - 7 Giants ( East )

NFC Wild Cards ..
10 - 6 Falcons ( South )
10 - 6 Lions ( North )

NFC Up and Comers ( Final 9 games ) ..
7 - 2 Cardinals overall 8 - 8 ( West )
4 - 5 Bears overall 8 - 8 ( North )
5 - 4 Eagles overall 8 - 8 ( East )
5 - 4 Cowboys overall 8 - 8 ( East )
5 - 4 Seahawks overall 7 - 9 ( West )
4 - 5 Panthers overall 6 - 10 ( South )
2 - 7 Redskins overall 5 - 11 ( East )
0 - 9 Bucs overall 4 - 12 ( South )
2 - 7 Vikings overall 3 - 13 ( North )
1 - 8 Rams overall 2 - 14 ( West )

And just for kicks, before 1996 your Miami Dolphins were playoff contenders in four of the five previous years ('90, '92, '94, '95) and then again for five straight years after 1996 ('97-2001). And of course in 2008 just one year after the most dismal Dolphin season in history. In that season Miami broke all kinds of league records in efficiency with a brand new regime, head coach, far too few legitimate starters, zero depth, and a much loved T-Rex armed quarterback who came to the team one week before the initial kickoff! This 2012 team, on average, is far more skilled, has way more explosive players, has decent-to-good depth at most positions, has been together for a lil-bit, and are becoming more and more aware of each others tendencies .. So, there is no reason to think that the 2012 Miami Dolphins aren't as capable of doing something similar to 2008 and can't return to the post-season promise land in 2012 ;) !!!!

Here's to hoping that 17 becomes our lucky number for the sake of this topic, as well as for when Tannehill takes the helm !! I'm about ready to move forward in changing my 2013 moniker from our Beloved 13 to 17kvFINS ;) !!
THANKS for an Open-Minded read, as we look forward to your angle of view ;) !! GOFINS :) !!

The Miami Dolphins and why the Perception of them is All Wrong

Perception is a funny thing. We each perceive the world a certain way, and in our minds that way is the correct way. Our past experiences (what we've learned, heard, seen, and felt) shape how we view our surroundings. No person has the exact same view of the world, but most people share common views. Murder and stealing are seen as unacceptable by the vast majority of the public, while things like charity and love are recommended.

But where do these views come from? What causes us to think in the way that we do? The full answer is different for everyone, but the main influence has to be who we were raised by. What about sports? What influences our thoughts and how we view the sports world? Read on.

What Influences Public Perception?

Public perception in sports works in a similar way, and since this is a Miami Dolphins site I will gradually narrow the focus to public perception in football with an emphasis on the Dolphins. No person has the exact same opinions on every player and team in the NFL, but most people think the same way about a majority of the teams and players. The question is: why do most people see most of the NFL in a similar way? Who or what causes fans to see the NFL in a similar light? There are two answers to that question: winning and sports media, and I will first quickly focus on winning. Winning is the ultimate judge and jury in the NFL. The perception of any team can be completely different after one or two seasons just because they won or not. A team like the Detroit Lions can go from being a laughable 0-16 to a playoff-bound 10-6 and the perception of them in the public's eyes will be changed. Winning is the unarguable perception changer, and there is no better way to change a team's reputation. Outside of winning, there is only one significant and clear-cut influence of perception, and that is sports media.

The Influence of Sports Media

The combination of television, internet, and radio influence what we think about a lot of the NFL. Sure, we might have separate opinions about other teams because of our different views, but those opinions are, for the most part, still similar because the information was brought to you and was discussed by the sports media. After hearing the news your thoughts about it are immediately influenced by the next thing you read, see, or hear about it. Once a news story comes up on ESPN you learn what has happened and then read about what impact the writer thinks it will have on that team or player. Whether the writer is right or not, you begin to be strongly influenced by what they just said. The same goes for television and radio. You hear the news and instantly you can hear the reaction by analysts and experts. While you may not completely agree with them, they have an influence on what you think about the news.

Combining Winning and Sports Media into Public Perception

Now, how do winning and sports media marry to form public perception? Think of it like this. You look at the previous year's win-loss record for a team. That sets the bar for the current year. From that mark set by last year a team can do three things. They can go up, go down, or remain the same. Sports media is what helps us decide what result a team will have. The sports media drives public perception to decide which direction a team is going.

Just look at the Buffalo Bills. Last year they went 6-10, but because of a few moves they are perceived by most analysts and writers to be on their way up. So, what do those analysts and writers do? Their jobs, of course. They write about it. They go on TV and the radio and they talk about it. They think the Bills are going to make the playoffs this year, so they make sure that the world knows about it. And when everyone hears these analysts predicting the same thing they assume that it must be right. If enough of these experts think the same thing is going to happen then it has to be a foregone conclusion, right? Not necessarily. Football (and sports in general) is unpredictable, and it is unfair to any team to pretend to already know their fate before opening kickoff.

Now that I have gotten that extraordinarily long introduction out of the way I will move to how this affects the Miami Dolphins. But first, a side note. Please know that I am not condemning the sports media or those who work in the field. They are where they are because of hard work and the knowledge and experience that the common sports fan doesn't have. They are what make everything outside of the game so much better. I am simply explaining how much affect they have on public perception.

The Perception of the Miami Dolphins

As we all know, the current perception of the Miami Dolphins isn't great. Why should it be? They finished 6-10 last year. They've gone through a million different quarterbacks trying to find the next Dan Marino. They traded away their top receiver and have replaced him with a bunch of young guys and a 34-year old who had less catches than Ted Ginn Jr. last year. They don't know who their starting quarterback is. The quarterback they drafted eighth overall in this year's draft is third on the depth chart.

The "problems" that I just listed off are all that the public pays attention to. Why? Because that's all that the sports media gives them. All they hear about is why Miami won't be good. They don't hear that Miami has plenty of playmakers that have really been performing at running back and tight end to make up for the supposed poor receiving corps. They don't hear that new Head Coach Joe Philbin and new Offensive Coordinator Mike Sherman's new offense doesn't need a true number one receiver. They don't hear about the Dolphins great defense only getting better because of the draft. They don't hear about the young guys who are developing into true starters. They don't hear that Miami has a really easy schedule. They don't hear that David Garrard (who will be the starter in Miami) has a career passer rating of 85.8 and fits perfectly in the new offense. All they hear are the negatives.

Do I think that the sports media is conspiring against the Dolphins? Not at all. They just don't think the Dolphins will be good this year, and that's fine. They are entitled to their opinion and I'm sure they did their research. That doesn't mean that they are right though. The problem is that once they've decided that they think the team won't be good they provide all the reasons why to help their argument and don't mention why the team could possibly do well. Because of this it is important for people to look at the team and formulate their own opinions. We need to stop just blindly following what other people say and we need to study on our own and determine what we think without others influencing us, because experts are actually wrong sometimes. They don't have a crystal ball that tells them what is going to happen. They have a brain just like you and I, and they can be wrong, too.


Last year was a perfect example of that. Two teams on opposite ends of the spectrum of public perception performed radically different than anyone expected them to: the Philadelphia Eagles and the San Francisco 49ers. Everyone thought that the Eagles were bound to make a deep run in the playoffs. They made the big offseason acquisitions. They had the most explosive offense with the most electrifying quarterback in the NFL. They were the "dream team", and no one was going to stop them. Too bad that wasn't the case. Too bad injuries and underachievement got in their way. All of the hype and attention they got was overblown. They finished the year 8-8 and missed the playoffs. All the while, the San Francisco 49ers, led by a rookie NFL head coach and an apparently washed-up quarterback, went 13-3 and were a muffed punt away from making it to the Super Bowl.

Public perception had it all wrong with both San Francisco and Philadelphia. They both did pretty much the exact opposite of what they were expected to do. The NFL is unpredictable, and we tend to forget that sometimes. Teams like the 49ers and New York Giants and make it a lot farther than they were supposed to, while teams like the Eagles can fall flat on their faces way short of their expectations.

So What Does This Mean?

The point I am trying to make is this: it does not matter how many analysts think the Miami Dolphins will finish in the cellar of the AFC East. It doesn't even matter if they think the Bills and Patriots will both make the playoffs leaving no room for the Dolphins. Everyone's record is still 0-0, and everything leading up to the September 9th season opener in Houston is just a bunch of talk and speculation.

Here's something else that may surprise you. Most of you hardcore fans actually know more about the Dolphins than most of the NFL media. With the exception of local media and those who are paid to focus specifically on Miami, you probably know more players and more about the players than writers for ESPN, Yahoo, and whoever else. I'm not saying that that is because people at ESPN and Yahoo aren't doing their job. It's because they have 32 teams to cover. They can't know as much as you do because they also have to pay attention to the other 31 teams in the league. If they devoted the amount of time to the Dolphins that you guys devote they wouldn't be able to cover any other teams.

No reporter (outside of the local and Dolphin-focused ones, of course) can truly know the ins and outs of a team to accurately predict who will perform well and who won't. They can only look at the team's surroundings and the main parts of that team. They would be neglecting their jobs if they only looked at one team and ignored the others.

Basically, what I am trying to get at is that experts might not necessarily have the whole picture. They are looking at the pictures of every team in the NFL from a distance. They can see the main parts of the picture, but they can't see all the little details and inner-workings on the picture. They can't see that Charles Clay and Anthony Fasano have been really showing out. They can't see that Reshad Jones is starting to look like a bona fide starter at safety or that Jared Odrick has been looking great rushing the passer opposite of Cam Wake. They're only focusing on quarterback and how Ryan Tannehill is on the bottom of the depth chart, which is only because he needs time (even though they don't see it that way).

So, as I come to a conclusion, I urge everyone to form your own opinion through research and observation instead of just what you hear the sports world saying. You may get laughed at after saying something that might be unconventional, but what does it matter? As long as you have truly done your homework you can say whatever you believe. This is football where anything can happen, and anyone who says differently is wrong.

Thank you for stopping by. I know this was a long post, but I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did. As always, I'm open for discussion and input. Feel free to email me at and follow me on twitter @PaulDSmythe.

The talk about Town

Sorry everyone it's been a little slow in Dolphin land so there hasn't been much to write about.  For those of you that didn't see or hear about the gossip side of things I'll try to catch you up at this time.

There was a story written by one of the writers ( Brian Biggone ) of the Palm Beach Post about calling Joe Philbin a liar.  It seems that Biggone was pressing Philbin about Brian Hartline not participating in the mini camp a few weeks ago.
When asked about that, Philbin told the reporter Hartline was missing because of personal reasons.  When that answer didn't suit the "Biggone" he pressed on with the questioning.  Philbin then told "Biggone" that Hartline had a calf injury.

A few days later Hartline on WQAM revealed he had an appendectomy.  This is where the reporter "Biggone" of the PBPost went off the deep end.  He wrote on his blog site that Philbin lied to him about Hartline's injury and called him a liar for doing so.  Now I can tell all of you from experience having had to many visits to the hospital in the past 5 years there is law in Florida and maybe Nation wide.  That says a Doctor or the Hospital can not release information to anyone about a patience condition.  The law is called "HIPPA" or something like that.  The only person that could get information about my condition was my Wife from what I know.  Anyone else seeking information from my Doctor would need me to sign a waiver to release the information to the person that I listed on the form.

By law Philbin didn't have the permission to give PBPost any information about Hartline's condition other than what he gave.  To make a long story short. Philbin called " Brian Biggone " the day after he called Philbin a liar.  Biggone then wrote about that phone call in another blog.

I mentioned all of this because we must rely on the writers in S. Florida for the news about the Dolphins.  If that information comes from a source that has no confidence in the Dolphins or it's coaching staff how could they be impartial ?  Calling Philbin a liar is absurd.

In other news.  Some reports have Tannehill as 3rd on depth chart at this time.

Chad Johnson was married last Saturday.  During his ceremony he was on twitter.  " My Wife would have killed me for doing that. "

Early reports have Artis Hicks ahead of John Jerry AKA " the marshmallow "