So What do the Miami Dolphins Have in Joe Philbin?

What type of a coach will Joe Philbin be? I always compare a football coach and a Franchise to a Family unit. At this time I'm only talking about the Father of the team "Joe Philbin".

It is a bit hard to figure exactly how JP will run the team. I am still going to try to do so. Having watched from a distance of my home, so far I like what I am seeing. Joe Philbin is articulate without being condescending. He seems to be a serious person but still has a sense of humor, and can poke fun at himself. I get the feeling this job is not too big for him, as if it is just his next step of a learning curve and he is more than ready for it.

He doesn't run from controversy. When a reporter from the Palm Beach Post called him a lair, he confronted him by phone later the same night he wrote the article. The next day that same reporter (I won't use his name here) wrote another article and said that he received a call from JP and thought that JP would ream him out for what he wrote, but that wasn't what happened. Philbin didn't like what he wrote and he told the reporter as much, and then he went on and explained why he said what he did about Hartline missing minicamp.

I see Philbin being a man of few words and plenty of action. He saw that the players didn't respect Sparano and he was going to make sure to put an end to that. So during the OTAs and minicamp he ran them at warp speed, running plays every 22 seconds with 2 complete offense teams playing back to back on the field. Basically an offensive play was being ran every 11 seconds. The players were asking the coaches if this is the way it was going to be during camp? I'm not sure if they were given an answer.

One thing is for sure. When the players begin camp in just a few days if they are not in shape they are going to be run into the ground by the pace of the practices. The players will be in shape because they know what to expect. Joe Philbin has not coached a single game as the Miami Dolphin Head Coach, but he has the players attention, and he has their respect.

Joe Philbin has brought expectations back to the Miami Dolphins. Raising a Family is not that hard if you use one idea in doing so. If you expect nothing from your Family members and your Children you will get nothing. Joe Philbin expects something in his players and we are going to see that he gets what he expects. To start out it will be nothing more than being in shape and ready to go when camp opens.

Before the season starts one of us will ask what record you think the Dolphins will have this year. Don't answer that at this time please. I only ask that you consider that Joe Philbin expects more from this team then those that were here before him, and so should we.

Which brings me back to what type of a coach will Joe Philbin be? I'll leave that question to all of you.