The Miami Dolphins as Acted out by Youth Impersonators

Hey SHOUTsters and Miami Dolphin Fans Everywhere : )

It can be suggested that the West Coast Offense requires more precise play from every positional player on the field. That may be, though I'd suggest that it's still just football for all eleven players: take the snap, legally beat the guy your responsible for beating, and execute with the ball. Quarterback is still a QB, running back is still a RB, wide receivers are still WRs and so on. Their overall responsibilities are the same no matter what the offense they play in is called! Get the ball to your playmakers and let them tuck it and run. It's no different than any other offensive style of football! The routes may require slightly different angles and/or precise execution, but it's still football. Regardless of where he is the QB needs to get the ball within range of wherever the open receivers fingers are and the receiver must catch it when the ball touches their fingers! Running backs protect the ball and run (preferably behind your blockers)! Blocking schemes are different on occasion, but it's still football. Pancake the guy your responsible for having for breakfast!

Here's a look at a few of the Basic Football player responsibilities that will be asked of our youthful group to execute during the Pre-Season.

Charles Clay (in green) lead-blocking for Reggie Bush.

Though all three of our Quarterbacks can make any throw required of an NFL QB, they'll need to work on the ONE and ONLY pass that Tim Tebow has mastered.

Here's a play that might be run by Tannehill, but not Moore or Garrard.

Here's a lil of a lot that we'll see from Cam Wake, the entire defense, and us fans!!

The New Coaching Staff will be tested too while the media will remain it's usual unassuming self.

Can I get a Hallelujahhh? The 2012 NFL Pre-Season has arrived!

Lets hope our Dolphin season goes better than that ;) !!

After you're done reading ..(This video can't be embedded, so click on the link to see it)!! It was intended to open the scenario of video's, but having to leave the page messed with the flow ..

So with the Pre-season upon us .. ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL ??
Which play would you like to see the most of from your Miami Dolphins, and which players are you most looking forward to seeing execute ??

THANKS for an Open-Minded Read, as we look forward to your angle of view ; ) !!
A L L L R I G H T M I A M I !!