Chad Johnson: Let's Wait until We Hear the Truth before We Crucify the Dolphins Receiver

The truth is that we don't know the truth yet
Let's slow down a little bit here guys. Before we decide that Miami Dolphins receiver Chad Johnson is guilty of head-butting his wife let's wait until he's actually convicted. I'm guilty of plenty of knee-jerk reactions myself. I reacted too quickly when I first heard Johnson was arrested.

The truth is that we don't know the truth yet, so we need to wait

Here is what we know so far, all per the Sun Sentinel:

Evelyn Lozada's side:
"Johnson began screaming and Evelyn attempting to calm Johnson down. He began screaming, "I don't give a f---! I don't give a f--- about my career." Evelyn then fled on a neighbor's house to get away from Johnson. Johnson began driving the neighborhood looking for Evelyn."

Chad Johnson's side:
"Johnson confirmed that he and Evelyn were arguing regarding a sales receipt. During the argument, she began yelling, "F--- it!" She then head-butted Johnson. This caused the laceration on her forehead. Johnson seeing how upset she was went for a drive to give her time to calm down."

Let's say this first. Chad Johnson may be eccentric at times, he may curse a lot, and he may be seen by a lot of people as a diva, but the truth is that he has been relatively harmless during his 12-year NFL career.

He's never been arrested in that time (which is something that he was very proud of), he doesn't drink alcohol, and he has always been wonderful about giving back to his fans and the community. Slam him all you want. Talk down about him all you want, but everything I just said is true. He has treated a lot of fans to dinner multiple times. He's bought a lot of tickets for a Bengals game before to prevent a blackout and then gave all of them away. He has been a great guy for almost 12 years now. I'm not sure if that's changed.

I'm not saying that Johnson is innocent. Not at all. I'm saying that we can't just instantly assume that he's guilty. Just because some of us don't like him doesn't mean that we should assume that he did it.

Were there lacerations on Lozada's head? Yes, but the only thing that tells us with absolute certainty is that Johnson and Lozada hit heads. It doesn't tell us who the aggressor was and who the victim was. That's what the police investigation will tell us, so until then we can't just assume that he did it.

Another thing that I want to get to. This part is pure speculation, but look at what Evelyn Lozada said that Johnson said before the head-butt. The quote was:
"I don't give a f---! I don't give a f--- about my career."
Something about that sounds off to me. Everything I have seen Chad Johnson say and do makes me think that he cares about his career a whole lot. During his last profanity-laced press conference he defended his career saying, "I handled my business for a decade straight. A lot of us tend to forget that." He was very proud about what he has done to this point, and he seemed determined to keep working and do something more. Nothing he has done makes me think he doesn't care about his career.

So please, let's wait to judge until we learn the truth. Remember, the truth is that we don't know the truth yet, so let's wait until the conclusion of the police report comes out.

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