David Garrard Listed as Dolphins Starting Quarterback

The Miami Dolphins have released their first depth chart of the 2012 season, and on it they have David Garrard listed as the starting quarterback. Matt Moore is listed as the backup and Ryan Tannehill is 3rd string.

While this isn't exactly surprising news to anyone who's been following Miami this preseason, it is still significant because it is the first time the Dolphins have listed Garrard as the team's number one quarterback on paper. Garrard has consistently looked like the best quarterback on the team. He's fit in perfectly in this offense and he's thrown the ball with accuracy and timing. He was, at one time, a Pro Bowl quarterback, and he's showing why so far.

I know that there are a good number of you who like Matt Moore and want him to be the starter, but the fact of the matter is this: David Garrard will give the Miami Dolphins a better chance to win more games than Matt Moore would.

What's more important? Your favorite player starting or your favorite team winning? That's what the decision turns into if you are choosing between Moore and Garrard. Moore has a larger fan base, but Garrard will have more wins.

Another notable starter on the depth chart is CB Richard Marshall, who is listed ahead of Vontae Davis. Here at Dolphin Shout we haven't gone into much detail about the positional battle at cornerback because I didn't really think that Davis' spot was in danger. It still isn't necessarily in danger because both he and Marshall will be on the field a lot in today's passing NFL, but I still find it pretty important that Miami has Marshall listed ahead of Davis.

If anything, I think this tells us that Miami's cornerback corps is really good. Sean Smith has looked great this offseason. Marshall and Davis have both looked really good. I have a feeling that we will be really good against the pass this season. Let's just cross our fingers and hope that we can start turning deflections into interceptions, which is something that we haven't been able to do too much of in recent years.

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