Miami Dolphins Cut Day Updates

Today is going to be a big day for this year's Miami Dolphins. I am going to keep a running list of every player that the Dolphins cut, sign, or trade today.

DT Ryan Baker
DT Isaako Aaitui
DE Jamaal Westerman
DE Jarrell Root
LB Cameron Collins
LB Gary Guyton
LB Shelly Lyons
WR BJ Cunningham
WR Clyde Gates
WR Jeff Fuller
WR Roberto Wallace
WR Chris Hogan (7-11)
CB Kevyn Scott
CB Vincent Agnew
CB Quinten Lawrence
OL Chandler Burden
OT Ray Feinga
OT Lydon Murtha
OT Andrew McDonald

C Ryan Cook to the Dallas Cowboys for 7th round pick

-There is a good chance Miami will trade RB Steve Slaton to the Washington Redskins for WR Anthony Armstrong. [UPDATE: Slaton has since heard that the rumors aren't true. We'll just have to see] [UPDATE #2: Anthony Armstrong has been released from the Washington Redskins so he is on the waiver wire again. Even better for the Dolphins]

-There are also rumors that the Dolphins are working on a trade with the Green Bay Packers for WR James Jones

Keep checking back. There will be updates pretty frequently.

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