Miami Dolphins Dog and Pony Act

It seems to me we have 2 different factions working within the Miami Dolphins. We have the Headline seeking owner Boss Ross and his immediate underlings (Jeff Ireland), and we have the coaching staff headed by Joe Philbin.

It is this writers view, not the view of the Dolphin Shout that nothing has changed for this team, and everything has changed for this team.

Here is what is the same. Boss Ross still wants to see his team in lights. It is my opinion that he is the one that wanted "Hard Knocks" to cover the Dolphins. It is also my belief that Boss Ross was the reason that Chad Johnson was brought here. Chad Johnson was here to provide the sideshow for "Hard Knocks" and their cameras.

Here is what has changed. Joe Philbin has brought with him a no nonsense straight forward approach that takes no prisoners. To date JP has shown to all of us that Character matters for a player to play on this team.  One of the first things he did was trade Brandon Marshall. When the Dolphins acquired Chad Johnson, Philbin gave him no quarters. My feelings are he didn't want him here. When JP first addressed the team on April 10th, he told them at that time what he was looking for from his players, and his actions in dealing Brandon Marshall away was proof that he was serious. Joe Philbin's expectations are high.

Until Joe Philbin's philosophy grows and changes Boss Ross, Jeff Ireland will be caught in the middle and it isn't an easy place to live in at this time. Ireland is the one that must please Boss Ross and his need to be noticed. He now knows he must also fill the team with players that Joe Philbin wants. Ireland has searched for the players that JP wants, or it appears to me he has. He passed on Matt Flynn and I think that was due to what JP felt about him. He drafted Tannehill and again that was because he listened to the coaching staff. So he is moving in the right direction.

What I hope happens, is that Joe Philbin and Jeff Ireland can work together and convince Boss Ross that winning is the only thing that matters. The fans don't care about the Star Power of it's minority owners. What we do care about is turning this Franchise back into a contender. We urge Steven Ross to remove the Circus Tent and the Dog and Pony Act behind us and restore the image of The Miami Dolphins.