Miami Dolphins: Moving On

Ok, enough about Chad Johnson. He's the last person I want to talk about.

As we move forward into the second pre-season game there are a few players I would be expecting to see more out of. Keep in mind I have not been down to any practices this year, so like you I must depend on the beat writers to report what they are seeing and not be biased (Omar).

I do my best to read the 3 beat writers each day, but sometimes Ben Volin of the PBP (Palm Beach Post) does not check in with me (I mean us). Each reporter has their own take on who looks good and who doesn't, and you would be surprised how much they differ. What one reporter my say about Tannehill for example will be totally different from what a different reporter may see. I don't know why that is, but I can tell you having been to few practices myself and I will see things differently as well.

With that being said, here is my view on who needs to step it up. These guys are not in jeopardy of being cut, or at least I don't think they are. One never knows for sure though.

Daniel Thomas comes to mind really quick. I have heard very little about him so far, and what I did see of him on Friday night makes think he needs to get with the program, like right now.

John Jerry AKA "the marshmallow":  Has anyone even heard his name mentioned from the beat writers? Jerry could be gone.

Kevin Burnett: I know he had an injury of some type and didn't play last week but he has been pretty quiet during this camp. Last year I thought Burnett had a monster pre-season and then he disappeared at the beginning of the year. Maybe he is getting his disappearing act out of the way during the pre-season this year and he comes on when the real deal begins.

Where did our safeties go? The only ones I am hearing about are Wilson and Russell.

Vontae Davis everyone is talking about him. Does he want to play at all? Is he one of those "fat cats" that got their money and said thank you very much and is now just going through the motions. This guy can play, and I don't think there is any doubt about that. It just seems to me he doesn't want to play for some reason. Maybe he doesn't like Miami, or maybe he isn't buying into the program. If either of that is true, I would trade him to a team he may like to play for, someone in NFC like the 49ers. He is a year away from a contract year, and if he continues to play as he is I don't think the Dolphins will resign him, so why not trade him before the deadline and get as much as you can for him?

So that is my list, it's not really that long. Do you have any players that you think needs to step it up before the season begins ?