Miami Dolphins Receiver Chad Johnson's Hilarious Media Session [Audio]

I figured this would be a fun little clip to listen to. Miami Dolphins receiver Chad Johnson had a question and answer session with the media this morning after practice. I have embedded the video below, and I really encourage you guys to watch. It is 12 minutes long, but I promise you if you listen to the whole thing you will be thoroughly entertained.

Here's the audio:
[WARNING: The audio does contain language and some inappropriate topics, so please do not watch if you will be offended and/or don't want to listen to profanity.]

The audio is courtesy of Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald. I encourage you guys to check out his latest work. He just put up a play-by-play of each quarterback, which I can assure you was no easy task. Show him some support and check it out. Here's the link:

Thanks for stopping by. What do you think about Johnson's little Q&A session?