Miami Dolphins Receivers Have Become a Concern

Up until now I haven't been too concerned about the Miami Dolphins receiving options. Even after we lost Chad Johnson I wasn't really worried. I thought we would be fine.

I am a strong believer that the Dolphins offense doesn't need a number one receiver, so I figured that we would be alright with the receivers currently on the roster.

That has all changed for me now. Other than Davone Bess I don't see another receiver or tight end that we can count on to perform consistently for Miami. Legedu Naanee was supposed to be a good option for the Dolphins, but he just has a terrible game against Atlanta where he dropped multiple passes. Anthony Fasano, who is one of my favorite Dolphins, really struggled against Atlanta. He had three drops in the first half including a drop on third down in the end zone. It was a really uncharacteristic game for him and I am hoping that we won't have to see something like that again.

I was counting on one of Miami's young receivers to step up and take the number one receiver spot, but no one has distanced themselves from the competition. Roberto Wallace, Marlon Moore, Julius Pruitt, and every other young Dolphins receiver have done nothing to give the coaches reason to start them. Instead we're still left wondering two weeks away from the season opener who will be Miami's starter.

I know it's still the preseason. I know that the preseason games don't matter too much. Trust me, I've been holding out hope that somebody would step up, but I've seen absolutely nothing to make me comfortable with what we have (except for Bess of course). Miami's receivers have had more than enough time to do something and they haven't.

So what can the Dolphins do? Two things:

1. They can wait for cuts to be made and hope that a team drops a receiver they can use.


2. They can try and make a trade for a receiver like James Jones from the Packers.

I think that it is a strong possibility that Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland tries to trade for a receiver. He has to recognize that Miami's receivers aren't where they need to be. It's pretty obvious I think.

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On a positive note, I felt like Miami's offensive line and defense was much improved against Atlanta. We also ran the ball well, too.