How Would the Miami Dolphins Do in the Olympics?

In the spirit of the Olympics why don't we do a post throwing our Miami Dolphins into the Olympic games?

At the halfway point of the Olympics the U.S.A. leads the medal count with 21 Gold, 10 Silver, and 12 Bronze medals. The men's and women's swimming teams kicked major butt as well as the women's gymnastics team with individual ( Gabby Douglas ) and team Gold medals. One of the U.S men's gymnastics participants won an individual Bronze after a miraculous comeback from 17th place at the halfway point with light's out performances while 14 others faltered in the last three events. The American volleyball teams have been impressive too!

The second week of competition, which is all about track and field, started Friday and North America should continue to dominate the medal count!

Seeing how track and field (running, jumping, throwing) relates to football I figured I'd ask, who do you think might be medalist for our Miami Dolphins in 2012?

For the Marathon the contestants are Reggie Bush, Daniel Thomas, Lamar Miller, and Charles Clay. 1200 individual yards for the year equates to a Gold, 1000 takes Silver, and 800 wins Bronze. In the team competition, 2200 yards is Gold, 2000 Silver, and 1800 is Bronze.

Now, with the same contestants for the 100 meter sprint, individual rushing Touchdowns decide the medalist in this event with 16+ TD's being Gold, 13 for Silver, and 10 sporting the Bronze.

The 400 meter High Hurdle's will be Receiving yardage with 1200 yards taking Gold, 1000 wearing Silver, and 800 yards being the "Hall Of Fame" colored Bronze. The participants include Davone Bess, Brian Hartline, Chad Johnson, Julius Pruitt, Roberto Wallace, Legedu Naanee, Clyde Gates, Anthony Fasano, Charles Clay, Reggie Bush, Lamar Miller, and whoever else.

The same contestants will be competing in the 100 meter High Hurdles, which will be measured with TD receptions: 16 receiving TDs equating to Gold, 13 Silver, and 10 Bronze.

The Discus is a Quarterback feat of accuracy with a frisbee shaped piece of steel in which the thrower does three pirouette's (full turn) before releasing the sphere. I think passing yardage is a good fit for this event with 4500 yards taking the Gold, 4000 for Silver, and Bronze for 3500. The contestants for this are Matt Moore, David Garrard, and Ryan Tannehill.

Now for the javelin. The Javelin is a spiralesque spear toss of long distance and will be measured in passing touchdowns. Lets suggest that 30+ TD passes is a Gold, 25 is Silver, and 20 is Bronze.

So I ask you this "In The Spirit Of The Olympic Games". Who, what color medals, and how many overall Miami Dolphin Medals do you forecast for 2012?
P.S. Bronze is still a GOOD THING ;)! GO USA! GO FINS!

Stay tuned to NBC all day every day for Olympic coverage over the next 7 days.

THANKS for an Open-Minded Read and we  look forward to your angle of view :)!

P.S.II. Are You Ready For Some Football? The Hall Of Fame Game is this Sunday at 8 PM Est on NFL Network, and it features the New Orleans Saints vs the Arizona Cardinals. Hard Knocks premieres Tuesday, and Your Miami Dolphins play this coming Friday, GIGGITTY, GIGGGITTY : ) !!