Report: Miami Dolphins Potentially Could Add as Many as 10 Players

This is big news for the Miami Dolphins. According to Adam Beasley (Twitter handle @AdamHBeasley), the Dolphins could have as many as 10 players on their final 53-man roster that aren't currently on the team.

There has been a lot of speculation recently that Miami would be trading for a top receiver like Mike Wallace, James Jones, or Percy Harvin. Well that is still a very strong possibility, and it appears that Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland isn't planning on stopping at receiver.

From what I can tell this week will be a crazy one for the Dolphins. If Miami were to add 10 different players to the team that would be close to a 20% change in the roster. Beasley also tweeted the following:
"10 is definitely the ceiling. My guess is more like five. But one thing's for sure: This team is going to be active."
The Dolphins could also be looking for depth at linebacker, depth at cornerback, and possibly another starting offensive lineman.

Miami has insisted that they are not rebuilding. Up until now it hasn't really looked that way, but it does appear that they are planning to win now.

I was concerned that Ryan Tannehill, Dolphins rookie QB, wasn't going to have anybody to throw the ball to. Hopefully that won't be a problem after the next few days.

Buckle up everyone, it's about to be a crazy week. Props to Adam Beasley for his great work. He's been consistently coming out with news about Miami's trade intentions. Give him a follow.

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