The Dolphin Shout Forums Are Officially in Business

Hey everyone. Today I'm officially announcing the return of the Dolphin Shout forums.

I'm very excited about these forums. I see them as the next step in the growth of Dolphin Shout, and they will really help our community grow. Not only will they allow you guys to discuss whatever you want about our Miami Dolphins, but it will also allow you to keep dialogues going for multiple days, whereas with blog posts the discussion cuts off once a new post is up.

Don't worry about the blog posts, though. Those will remain the same with the comments below.

The forums are not intended to replace the blog. They're intended to go along with it. In the comments below each blog post you can discuss whatever the topic for that post was and in the forums you can discuss what other fans like yourself have brought up.

Don't see the topic you wanted to talk about? Start your own. The beauty of the forums are that you can discuss whatever you would like about the Miami Dolphins and it isn't limited by how long the forum post has been up. The discussion is completely up to you.

I also have the pleasure of announcing some more good news relating to one of Dolphin Shout's own writers that you know and love. Kenny Nicholas (13kvFINS) is now the official forum poster for Dolphin Shout. He is moving from posting on the blog to posting in the forums. You'll still get the same Kenny, he'll just be in a different spot.

I hope you guys are as excited about this as I am. This will give us even more opportunity to talk about our Dolphins, and it allows you guys to control the conversation.

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to seeing you guys at the forums and the comments below! Also, thank you to everyone who helped me test it out and gave me suggestions. I was able to make a few changes based on what you guys recommended.

If you have any questions or suggestions at all please email me at