The Miami Dolphins are Looking For a Direction

This is not about who will be the starting QB for the Dolphins in game one.  This is more about what mindset the Dolphins hierarchy has for this year.  The Dolphins Brass certainly knows the fans are fed up with losing.  Don't you believe for one second that they don't know the pulse of the Dolphin fan base.  It wouldn't surprise me one bit that they watch these very pages on this Dolphin Shout blog site.

Checking over the media outlets I see the Dolphins are still undecided about which QB will start the season opener.  Right at this time the management are trying to figure out what direction they should go in.  Starting Tannehill will signal a new direction that could forsake a few wins in order to progress for the future.  Starting Matt Moore would say the Dolphins are going to try and win as many games as possible and hope for the best.

Over the past few years this fan base has been galvanized against the management because of their questionable management skills.  Quite frankly they bumbled and stumbled over there own ineptness, causing the fan base to lose faith in them.  That has put them between a rock and a hard place.  If they choose another youth movement we will most likely know we will be out of the playoffs come mid October.  If they choose to go with there best chance of winning we would have a better chance to make the playoffs.  All though this writer feels no matter which direction we take, we are not good enough to make the playoffs anyway.

The confidence of the Dolphins fan base has been eroded with one loss after another.  Losing is not the way one would " win friends and influence people. "
Losing creates mistrust in the rank and file, not only off the field but on it also.

Joe Philbin has a tough job, so I am going to help him.  My advice is to go with the youth and let them grow up together.  Take your lumps now.  Taking any other direction would further erode any confidence the Dolphins have built up over this off season.