The Miami Dolphins Offensive Line May Finally Be Settled

As I'm sure you all know the Miami Dolphins haven't been consistent at all five spots of their offensive line for a few years now. Thankfully, it appears that will be changing this year.

Miami has had the same starting five for most of minicamp and in every day of training camp so far. Finally, it appears that we won't have to worry about a hole on the offensive line. Our current starting five linemen are (from left to right): Jake Long, Richie Incognito, Mike Pouncey, Artis Hicks, and Jonathan Martin.

The first three in that list (Long, Incognito, and Pouncey) are players that we knew going in would be great and would make a positive impact on the team. The other two (Hicks and Martin) were two that we didn't know about. Thankfully, it appears that they are doing a great job, and that they'll also make a positive impact.

Sometimes, the best news is no news, and that's exactly what it's like for the Dolphins offensive line this preseason. Generally, when you hear news about the offensive line it is something negative. We haven't heard much about them in training camp so far, and we need to hope it stays that way.

So, let's cross our fingers Dolphins fans and hope that we can keep this same group for the entire season. We're too busy worrying about who is going to start at quarterback. We don't want to have to wonder what's going to happen with our offensive line as well.

Thanks everyone for stopping by. I hope you're as excited about the upcoming season as I am.

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