We Need You to Represent Us in the 'Dolphin Shout Vs. Phin Nation' Fantasy Football League

Anyone up for a fantasy football league with all Miami Dolphins fans?

Bill over at Phin Nation reached out to me about doing a fantasy football league with our two sites, and it was such a great idea I couldn't say no.

We will have six people from each site join the league (Bill and I will be in the league so it's technically five). Here is a basic overview of the scoring:
Passing TDs are 4 points
All other TDs are 6 points
25 passing yards equals 1 point
10 rushing/receiving yards equals 1 point
Interceptions and Fumbles are -2 points

Starting rosters will be as follows:
1 QB
2 RB
2 WR
1 Flex (RB/WR)
1 TE
1 K
1 D/ST

The league will be held on Fox Sports. They have a great fantasy football system, and I think we'll enjoy it a lot. There is no cost to join. We're just doing this for bragging rights. And I assure you, we will win.

I am going to do this first come first serve, so if you want to do it send me an email at paul@dolphinshout.com ASAP.

Current Participants:
1. Me (Paul)
2. BuckeyeFinfan (Todd)
3. 13kvFINS (Kenny)
4. Clint (PitFinFan)
5. Shawn
6. Raul

Closed. Thanks everyone for entering.

Remember, email me at paul@dolphinshout.com if you want to join. The spots are first come first serve.