Help Us Step into a Brave New World at the Dolphin Shout Forums

Hey guys. Today I've got a message directly from Kenny, who is Dolphin Shout's official Forum Manager. Enjoy and I hope to see you guys at the forums.

Welcome to the 2012 National Football League, Miami Dolphin, and Dolphin Shout Season. With each new season comes some change, and things at Dolphin Shout are evolving too. The main Shout page that you've become accustomed to will remain the same. Whats new is that we've expanded our point's of Miami Dolphin interest to an additional room which is referred to as the Shout Forums. At these Forums a constant back and forth on various topics beyond the topics at the Shout main page are forever taking place while numerous other subjects come to life within the comments sections to each main topic.

Now back to the new room, as we WELCOME you to step into a new dimension where few mortal's as well as ourselves have yet to roam. It's a small room which happens to display the obvious characteristic's of a potential transformer, while I know that with everyone's participation and their inclusion of Dolphin knowledge tools we can come together in erecting the room into something BIG and BAD! Along with what you might provide to the room, and among other article's, stories, subplots, etc, etc installed every week. As well, immediately upon each weeks game final the written transcript of that game's "play-by-play", stats, video's, and team personnel quotes will be linked to the room. Currently, the seeds toward this 2012 season are starting to blossom as that is what is being focused upon during these first steps into this new realm, while eventually the room will bloom into a virtual one stop library of every substantial Miami Dolphin moment from inception to present day.

Here is the current lineup of topic's at the Shout FORUM'S, while you yourself can always publish a story, or question of your own concern's for all to converse about!

Green Bay Packer number one WR Greg Jennings to be 2013 FA?

Yes, we are rebuilding again by Riverdog

Roster opening? by BuckeyeFinfan

Aatui by BuckeyeFinfan

Should we go get recently cut ex-Hurricane TE Kellen Winslow?

Do you see any recently cut names you like at WR, DB, LB, or OL? 

The Doghouse! by Riverdog

What is going on? by Riverdog

Predictions by Paul Smythe

Dansby and Bush talking Davis trade by Shawn

To pursue, or not to pursue Wide Receiver Mike Wallace?

Here's an interesting ESPN team view of RTannehill being named the starter

Are the Dolphins rebuilding? by Paul Smythe

What receiver should Miami trade for? by Paul Smythe

Les Brown cut as well as 7 others by Shawn

Today I met Jeff Cross' Girlfriend!

Hard-Knocks Episode three August 21, Coach Joe Philbin

Reactions to Tannehill being announced as the starter by Paul Smythe

The Forum's page can always be attained from the top of the Dolphin Shout page Forum Banner, or Tab.

Here's the link to the Forum main page which includes direction's ( if needed ) for the first time visitor.  

Here's the direct link to the Shout Forum's "Dolphin Talk".

WELCOME, and we hope you ENJOY while participating in the growth of Dolphin Shout!

THANKS for an Open-Minded read, and we look forward to your angle of view ; ) !!