Miami Dolphins at Arizona Cardinals Game Day Preview

Paul made a promise to everyone that we would give you a preview of this week's game against the Cardinals. I am not very good at doing the previews but I don't want to let anyone down, so here it goes.

Over the past 3 weeks we have played against some very good secondaries, and I think because of our lack of WRs and inexperience at QB that has stymied the passing game. We also have Reggie Bush coming off a banged up knee.  Although Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas have done OK, they are not Reggie Bush.  None of that is going to help us, but the game is going to go on whether we have problems or not.

This is one of the games I thought Miami should win before the season began. The problem this week is we are once again playing a very good defense. They have recorded 12 sacks, 2 interceptions, forced 5 fumbles, recovered 4 of them (one for a TD), and they have blocked 2 kicks. Overall that is one helluva a lot more than what we have done.

On offense they have had 6 TDs (4 passing and 2 rushing). They are averaging 2.8 yards on the ground and 11.1 yards passing. They have had 2 fumbles and 1 interception. Nothing special there, and our defense is nothing to sneeze at either.

It appears we should be able to run against them. They are giving up 3.9 yards per attempt. In their past 10 games they have won 8. I don't like to play teams that are on a roll and the Cardinals are most definitely on a roll. Plus we must travel out west which never seems to be easy for the East Coast or West Coast teams.

This should be a close game and it could go either way. I think it will come down to field position and taking care of the ball. If we can win in those 2 areas I think we can take this game. I would imagine the Cardinals fans are thinking the same thing.