Miami Dolphins Predictions

There are few fans out there that are not sold on the new approch. They are tired of the ever rebuilding that never seems to stop, as the team is always looking to the future. I can see why some fans are upset, we do seem to be always building for the future. How ever as I write this, I wonder how many fans would have been happy if we continued down the Dinosaur Road the previous regime was using ? Sticking with the cast of players and trying to fix the offensive line that they clearly couldn't do. Be honest now. Were you happy with that approach ?

I have no idea what to expect this year. I can't tell you if the team will have more wins than last year. My hope is they do, as I'm sure you feel the same way. So many changes have occurred it's almost dizzying. A few players we were used to seeing line up week to week are gone. I have no problems with that, although I would have liked to see K. Langford stay with us. For the rest I wish them well, but in a few short weeks they will be forgotten about. That's just the way it is in the “ Not For Long “ NFL.

So now it's that time. ( Prediction Time ) Looking at the schedule below there are about 3 teams on this list we probably can't beat. Houston, San Francisco, and New England. If New England has an injury to Pretty Boy Brady, then all bets are off and they become vulnerable. I doubt that will happen, because pretty boy is protected by the referees as if he is dressed in a Pink Tutu.

What I hope to see is an 8 and 8 season. That would be very nice.  Here is this years schedule.

Houston          away                       Tennessee           home
Oakland          home                       Buffalo                away
NY Jets          home                       Seattle                home
Arizona           away                       New England      home
Cincinnatti       away                       San Francisco     away
St Louis          home                       Jacksonville         home
NY Jets          away                       Buffalo                home
Indianapolis    away                       New England      away

I have but one more thing to add. If this staff along with Jeff Ireland only hit on one player this year and that player is Ryan Tannehill, there are going to be allot of happy fans in Dolphin land, and it won't matter what the team record is.