The Miami Dolphins and You!

This post is more about everyone out there in cyberland, and what you think a win would mean for the Miami Dolphins.

It's hard to measure what a win would do for the players, because I think they already believe in themselves. They have proven to themselves that they can play with the best teams in the NFL when they held their own against the Texans for all but 6 minutes in the 2nd quarter.

I think they were a little upset with themselves for letting that game get away from them and not scoring any offensive TDs. The very next week we saw them make adjustments and score plenty of TDs.

The players know they are as good as the Jets and maybe better than they are, and they don't need us to remind them of that. "They Know" that it is we, the fans, that need the confidence boost.

The last nine games of last year were not a fluke. They were the real deal.  I can't tell you if Miami will win tomorrow. My feelings are that they will. I think we have a better football team than the Jets do. I think the players know they are better than the Jets.

What would a Dolphins win do for your confidence?