Jets Add More 'Hot Sauce' to Matchup with Miami Dolphins

In case you weren't aware, the Miami Dolphins and the New York Jets are rivals.

Before their Week 3 matchup Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan said that Reggie Bush would get a little "hot sauce" during their game. Ryan didn't elaborate on that comment (and he actually apologized for the comment this week), but Reggie was convinced that his "hot sauce" comment meant they would be targeting him and trying to injure him, which is exactly what happened. Bush left the game late in the 2nd quarter after a knee injury suffered while running up the middle.

That was pretty much all of the drama of that game. This weekend's game, on the other hand, has a little extra to it. Jets Safety LaRon Landry said the following on Wednesday:
"He will remember that hit. Every time he sees me, he will remember that hit"
I believe that Landry is talking about the play where Bush was injured. I went back and watched that play multiple times, and I do not think that it was Landry who injured him. Sure, he was probably trying to, but Landry didn't deal the hit that hurt Reggie.

Landry then continued to stir people up a little on twitter. All you guys need to know is that he's a punk who likes taking pictures of himself in front of his bathroom mirror after his daily dose of steroids.
That's cute
 I will enjoy it when the Dolphins beat up on his mediocre defense.

Landry, in his usual classiness started clapping as soon as he saw Bush on the ground clutching his knee. Here's a picture for proof. I've circled him so you know who he is:

So here's to rivals week and beating the bed-wetters up in New York. Screw all that hippie stuff (sorry Patrick). I want Miami to lay it on the Jets this weekend.

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Here's to having a team with a future at QB instead of one that is sabotaging theirs.