Jets Intentionally Injuring Impact Players

Week 14 – 2010: Nolan Carroll
                          Intentionally tripped, on the sideline while covering a punt.
                          Jets coach Sal Alosi admits intentionally tripping…

Week 6 – 2011:   Reggie Bush
                          Right arm hanging at his side with neck injury.
                          Leaves game after being pulled from the pile… 

Week 17 – 2011: Davone Bess
                          Sprained MCL.                         

                          Bart Scott hits in the knee…

Week 3 – 2012:   Reggie Bush
                          Bruised knee.
                          LaRon Landry claims hit intended to take out…

Roger Goodell can fine the Saints and suspend their head coach, force their DC into retirement, but if he thinks there needs to be a bounty for teams to intentionally try to injury players, he’s sadly mistaken. The New York Jets target impact players on the opposition every week and because there are no cash bonuses involved the targeting is not labeled "bounty," but playing with the intent to injure is no different than a bounty program.

Against the Dolphins, the Jets have either caused an impact player to leave the game or made blatantly dirty moves, even from the coaching staff. It is no coincidence that either Reggie Bush or Davone Bess has been injured against the Jets in each of the last 3 meetings. To think players like Richie Incognito are not aware of this trend would be equally gullible. The Dolphins do not play with the intent to injure, but when the opponent has a history of hurting the best players on their team it would be foolish not send an early message.

An eye for an eye justice is known by the Latin Lex Talionis.

No one in Miami is claiming the goal of taking out any Jet player, but when Incognito is on record as saying he has hostile intentions, it is probably a good bet for the Jets to pay attention. The Dolphins understand the Jets are a dirty football team, the history doesn’t need to be researched, it’s evident in the scars on their knees.

The problem with playing dirty is the idea of taking away a man’s livelihood in an already short-lived profession. Players that would normally not get drawn into making cheap shots or late hits can be pulled across the line when their livelihoods are threatened. The Dolphins know the only way to combat dirty play is to play with extreme aggression within the rules. This is the approach the Dolphins must take to neutralize the contemptible play of the Jets.

Lex Talionis

Most of the transgressions have come with Rex Ryan as the coach, but when it continues with Tony Sparano, integrity comes into question. Perhaps Sparano can blame Jeff Ireland or Stephen Ross for his firing in Miami or maybe he can justify himself by being all in with the team that hired him, but to condone such actions speaks volumes for his lack of honor. The players he once coached recognize this and will take special pleasure in making sure he has a bad day.

It is foolish to antagonize an opponent and is the reason most good coaches place a muzzle over the mouths of their volatile players. Rex Ryan has failed to do this and now his own players are leaking out, there is intent to injure.

The NFL need not get involved in this matter, Richie, Jake, Mike, Cameron and Karlos among an entire team are ready to deal with it the way it should be dealt with. It is little wonder Bush was unconcerned about Darrelle Revis.

Lex Talionis

Nothing to see here commissioner, you have your hands full with the mess you made in New Orleans. The Dolphins will handle the dirty work. The rest of the league will turn a blind eye, perhaps even applaud because they have no doubt seen their own playmakers targeted by the same unscrupulous play.

Watch out New York, the boys from Miami are not happy and the nothing will create change faster than losing in the NFL. We got your number…

Lex Talionis