Miami Dolphins: The Best Worst Team!

Going back to last year and the final 9 games the Miami Dolphins went 6-3, and no one wanted to see us on their schedule. Even though it is one year later, and the Dolphins are once again getting bogged down with losses, I don't think anyone wants to face us this year either.

The Dolphins are a dangerous team. No our record doesn't show it, that's for sure. We continue to lose games that we should be winning, but no matter our record we do a lot of things well.

We have the sixth leading rusher in Reggie Bush, we have the first WR in Brian Hartline, and Ryan Tannehill is only 304 yards behind Drew Brees (the passing leader), and this is only his 4th game. Cameron Wake is 6th in sacks. Sean Smith is tied for seventh in interceptions along with a host of other players. Miami is first in rushing defense. So as you can see, we do have some pieces of the puzzle.

For the life of me I don't understand how we only have one win so far. We have beat the hell out of three teams so far, and we only have that one win to show for it. Some will say the QB is to blame for it (Patrick).  Others can look to our to awful pass defense ranked 30th in the NFL. Still others will lay it at the feet of the special teams, and Carpenter in particular.

I feel it's a little bit of all of those reasons. Mainly though I think it has more to do with not knowing how to win. It's the little things like Thigpen allowing the ball to hit the ground on a punt and losing field position because of that. It's the play in the end zone last week when Richard Marshall fell asleep on the final defensive play of regulation (how you let a guy run a simple out for a TD is beyond me). It's the missed make-able field goals by Carpenter and some dropped or fumbled passes as we have seen with Armstrong and Naanee. It's the lack of a pass rush, and the lack of pass protection at the big moments in a game.

What ever it is it those moments that add up to losing. Until we can learn to stop making those mistakes and replace them with defining plays when it counts teams will continue to beat us, and at the same time hate to play us.