Miami Dolphins Earn BIG Win

I'm not sure if the Dolphins will have a bigger win this year than what they had today against the Jets. A win against the Jets always seems so satisfying, but this one seemed particularly satisfying. Maybe it's because it was against the hated Jets. It seems to be more than that, though. It's almost as if it says the Miami Dolphins have arrived. Many here have talked about this game being a turning point, and maybe it was. I sure hope it is.

The stat sheet says the Jets played better than we did. They had the ball for 3 minutes more than we did, 130 more yards of offense, and ran 20 more plays.  Where they really failed was in the red zone (going one for four) and in special teams play.

The Dolphins, on the other hand, were two of three in the red zone and played the best special teams play I have seen in a long time. The special teams seemed to do everything right from an onside kick recovery, blocked punt for a TD, and a blocked field goal attempt. Even Dan Carpenter got in on the act with no misses.  Brandon Fields also had a great day. The Jets had a long field the entire day, and the Dolphins defense turned up the heat once the Jets got close. The Jets were lucky the score was where it was. It could have been much worse for them.

A special Dolphin Shout out goes to Matt Moore and Jimmy Wilson.  Wilson seemed to be everywhere.  What more can you say about "the mad bomber" Matt Moore?  I think he has ice water running through his veins.

I don't know what this win will mean to the national media, but you know something? I really don't care. I know what it means to me, and I guess that is all that really matters isn't it?