Winning Feels Good for the Miami Dolphins

Adversity defines you as a team. The ability to fight through the bad calls, the bad plays, penalties, fumbles, interceptions, weather, or, as we saw this past week, just plain lousy officiating. Winning in spite of those situations is what shows you what you are made of. Every team in the NFL has those troubles I just spoke of. How they react to those situations is what distinguishes them from the pack.

In the past the Dolphins have not handled those situations well at all. A fumble or an interception would change the entire outcome of a game. This week we saw a team that had everything stacked against them. An officiating crew that was so bias it reminded me of the NBA officials (pure blatant cheating is what I would call it). We had 2 fumbles that could not have been much worse than what we saw. One for Jorvorskie Lane at the Bengals 5 yard line, and one close to the red zone in the Dolphins end of the field. We saw another missed field goal attempt that gave the Bengals great field position, but you know what? None of that mattered.

How many times have you seen in these pages, and in the comment fields, the words “if”? If we didn't turn the ball over we would have won that game. If we had made that field goal we would have won that game. If the referee's wouldn't have blown that call we would have won that game. IF IF IF. I'm tired of seeing the word “if”, and I'm tired of using the word “if” myself. I want to see the word “did”, as in we “did” see the team do something to stop us from using the word “if". This week we saw that. We “did” beat the Bengals. We “did” not let the game get out of hand because of our mistakes. This week we “did” execute enough plays to win, and “IF” had nothing to do with it.

Joe Philbin, along with the draft picks this year, is the reason Dolphin fans, and myself in particular, are feeling good about where this team is headed. It seems that we finally have a plan in place and the Dolphins are working the plan. We no longer are floating in the ocean without a rudder. Our direction has been defined in Ryan Tannehill. The players and us fans finally have someone we can identify with as a leader in Ryan Tannehill. I don't know where it will lead or how Ryan will progress, but for this time and moment I'm going to go with the flow, and it damn sure feels good.