Miami Dolphins MIA

I was unable to see today's game. We had a Family picnic near the water's edge where we live. It was a beautiful day at the causeway. I was watching the score on my phone and saw by halftime the Dolphins were down big and Tannehill had thrown an interception that was returned for a TD along with a fumble lost by Reggie Bush.

Near the end of the game 2 people showed up at the causeway. One was wearing a #54 Dolphins jersey and the other had the #77 jersey. They were hanging out having a beer. When I saw them gathering up their things to leave I approached them and asked. Were you at the game today? They said yes and that they had left the game early. I told them I saw the Dolphins didn't play very well today, what happened? One of them said to me, "I'll let you know when the team shows up for the game."

So please tell me what went wrong.