Would the Real Miami Dolphins Please Stand Up?

Well that was another disappointing loss. I don't know what to think about the Dolphins when they play two games in a row as they have. There is so much blame to go around, I won't even go into it. So I will try to point out some of good points that I noticed. Don't worry it won't take long.

Somewhere during the 3rd quarter the coaching staff began to plug in some of the young pups. I saw Stanford inserted into the game in place of Sean Smith.  I'm not even sure if Stanford was his name! I did not hear why Smith was replaced. Was he injured? Reggie Bush opened the 3rd quarter on the bench and Daniel Thomas took his place, not that it mattered that much, and Reggie did return. Marlon Moore and Richard Matthews were inserted. Charles Clay had a pass thrown his way.

I can't tell you why these players mentioned were thrown into the game, but I do have a guess. I think the Dolphins may have turned the corner and decided it's time to make a change. A change that has been needed for a very long time.

They can change the coaching staffs all they want, but until they change the players on the field nothing is going to be different. If we are going to lose games and the starters that we have play like they have for the past few weeks then why not make a change?

The only choice Philbin has is to begin to play the players that this staff brought here. The veterans are not getting the job done, even an untrained fan like me can see that. A good percentage of veterans on this team either don't care, are lazy, not very good, or are just down right dogging it.

Philbin has opened the door for the veterans on this team that don't care to walk out that door. Now do the fans a favor and walk through that door.