A Topic of Great Miami Dolphin Concern

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One would imagine that sites like Dolphin Shout are sometimes visited by new Miami Dolphin fans, or at the least a casual fan, from time to time. For those folks as well as the "always in attendance, hard core nuts" I would like to add some circumstantial input to the dilemma placed upon our 24-year old Miami Dolphin quarterback, Ryan Tannehill.

The thought from this side of the fence is that upon the Indianapolis 2012 first overall draft selection of 23-year old Andrew Luck the Colts became the first team in NFL history that will have the luxury of fielding a franchise quarterback for a likely twenty-five plus years, because as we all know Peyton Manning has moved on after thirteen illustrious Colt seasons.

It goes without saying that had the Miami Dolphins had the first overall pick in the 2012 draft, or that had Andrew Luck fallen to the actual Dolphin pick at number eight, the option of drafting Ryan Tannehill would not have existed! Not to suggest that the selection of Tannehill wasn't the correct choice. I'm just saying that it was the only choice Miami could make if we wanted to obtain our own franchise quarterback to eventually battle against Luck for playoff advancement well into and beyond the 2025 seasons!

This is "of Great Miami Dolphin Concern". The concern is not that of Ryan Tannehill becoming good or great (though he is going to have to become great). The concern is that Andrew Luck has been an NFL-ready quarterback since the start of Stanford University's 2010 season, which happens to be the same year that Tannehill was first handed the reins halfway through that same season for The Texas A&M Aggies.

Andrew Luck had a collegiate total of 38 games started at a 162.8 quarterback rating. His numbers were 713 completions off 1,064 attempts for 9,430 yards, 82 touchdowns and 22 interceptions.

Ryan Tannehill had a collegiate total of 20 games started at a 134.0 quarterback rating with 484 completions off 774 attempts for 5,450 yards, 42 touchdowns and 21 interceptions.

Andrew falls two games shy of having twice as many live games played as Ryan. Luck and Tannehill are both elite athletes with all the tools required of an NFL quarterback. The concern is that Andrew is already great and has been for several years. He was great even before Ryan first felt the warmth of a center's loins!

In watching Colts quarterback footage recently, I can't tell if I am watching past or present highlights, until I notice the number 12 or 18. That, folks, is how good Andrew Luck already is! The Colts have not lost a beat since losing Manning as their quarterback. As a rookie Andrew Luck's field presence is practically indecipherable to that of Peyton, unless one happens to notice the number. He is absolutely great, and may very well become the greatest of all time!

Mr. Andrew Luck has a collegiate eighteen games started advantage to that of our Ryan Tannehill. Therefore it is a reasonable proposition to believe that Luck has a huge head start on Ryan toward the success of their NFL careers. Andrew Luck is going to continue to get better, while Ryan Tannehill is also going to continue to get better. It might be suggested that once Tom Brady and Peyton Manning hang their cleats up the Colts Andrew Luck and the Dolphins Ryan Tannehill will be taking turns knocking each other out of AFC playoff advancement on a consistent basis. Beyond both Ryan Mallett and Brock Osweiler who will replace the above mentioned Hall Of Famers.

The question is this. Can Tannehill make up the laps that Luck has on him while becoming very good, if not great in his own right, or will the Dolphin supporting cast have to become that much better over the years to compensate for Miami having the second best AFC quarterback from the 2012 draft?

I can only hope that Ryan Tannehill, with his eventual surrounding cast, will overcome Andrew Luck's forces to the extent of winning half of the time when put head to head!

One final note. Let it be known that for seventeen years the Miami Dolphins had the absolute best quarterback as well as head coach in the AFC, if not the entire league, and went to one losing Super Bowl. Evidently the lesser-than-the-best quarterbacks have historically been able to overcome such long odds of being second best.

Thank-You for an Open Minded Read, and we look forward to your angle of view!!

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