Could It Be Miller Time for the Miami Dolphins?

This Sunday begins a two game audition for Lamar Miller. This is his chance to prove his worth as a potential starter. With the future of Reggie Bush still unknown Miller will get the opportunity to showcase the skills which made him a fourth round steal, since we know he's electric with speed to burn. He hasn't done much this season because he has been learning a new system and adjusting as a rookie.

At 5'10" 218 pounds he is a decent size, but it's his 4.4 40-yard dash speed that's the killer. In the west coast offense there is a lot that can be done with him.

What happens if, in the next two games, both Miller and Bush tear it up, and help bring victories against the Bills and Patriots?

A few things could happen starting this Sunday. It's possible that Miller's play and Bush's lack of play will make Bush expendable. Another possibility is that Bush and Miller both create havoc, which will make Bush hard to ignore and make Daniel Thomas expendable.

Let's face it. Thomas isn't cutting it as a second running back for the Dolphins. Between injuries and not living up to potential he no longer seems attractive. He has not been a solid option behind Bush as a change of pace back, although injuries are not his fault.

This is time for both Bush and Miller to shine because the starting job may be up for grabs next season.

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