Dolphin Shout Is Getting Bigger!

As Dolphin Shout grows it is important for us to add on new writers to keep the content fresh and rolling. That's why I would like to announce the addition of two new writers and the return of an old favorite. You know all of them pretty well, I'm sure.

First, I would like to announce the additions of Shawn Carlson (known as "Shawn" in the comments) and Todd Bartley ("BuckeyeFinFan") as writers for Dolphin Shout.

Both Shawn and Todd have been with us for a while now, and we believe that they will contribute valuable insight and analysis to the Shout. I hope you guys are as excited as we are about them joining us in our quest to bring you the highest quality info, analysis, and (most importantly) discussion.

Next, I would like to announce the return of an old favorite. For a few months Kenny Nicholas (better known as 13kvFINS) has been helping keep content fresh on the Dolphin Shout forums, and now seemed like the perfect time to bring him back to the blog. So, Kenny is coming back as a writer on the blog. Kenny has always put a tremendous amount of time into his work, and it shows with what he writes.

There you have it. We are thrilled to have these three on the blog, and I can assure you they will help bring you incredible and thought-provoking analysis.

So please join me in welcoming Shawn, Todd, and Kenny to the crew. I know you'll enjoy what they have to say.

If you would like to email any of the three here are their email addresses.




Thanks for stopping by. Please be sure to show your support for the "new guys".