Miami Dolphins at 49ers Pregame Report

As the Dolphins head into 49er territory, I will take a look at statistics of both teams, even though I don't really like statistics. What I found was that San Francisco's numbers aren't much different than Miami's.

They have a higher rushing average per play, but their overall yards are close to what we have. It's the same with their passing yards, except our average pass play is a bit higher than what they have. We have ran close to the same number of plays, with them having a little less than us. As great as we hear their pass rush being, the Dolphins have more sacks then they do.

There are a few statistics that stick out like a sore thumb. The turnover ratio isn't even close. It isn't that the 49ers are that good, it's that the Dolphins are lousy. The 49ers are +5 and the Dolphins are -10. More startling than that, is this: the Dolphins, when facing a 3rd and less than one, have only converted 12-of-29 attempts. Those two statistics are where we are leaving wins on the field.

Statistically the 49ers aren't any better than we are. I constantly hear how the 49ers will smack you in the mouth, and that suits the Dolphins just fine. I haven't seen many teams that are more physical than Miami. So if they want to turn this into a slug fest, the Dolphins should be more than willing to play that game. Actually, I think that type of game will help the Dolphins more than hurt them.

So there you have it. Can the Dolphins win this game? I think we have a shot at it. Being that Philbin is from the NFC he should know what to expect from the 49ers. This is going to be a slug fest and I think the Dolphins are up for it.