Miami Dolphins Rack Up Another Loss

By now most of you know that the Dolphins have secured themselves another losing season. That makes it four in a row, and six out of the past seven years this has happened. Different coaches, different players, and nothing seems to matter. In the past 5 years there is one common denominator, but why even talk about Ireland? He is secure for one more year the way it appears.

The only thing we can't be sure of with this team is how many mistakes it will take them to secure another loss. Sometimes it will be a physical mistake like a botched punt return or Marion Moore diving for a ball he may have caught standing up and running into the end zone for a tying touchdown. Then there are the mental mistakes. One could say this entire team is a mental case, but that is a different story. A reserve linebacker carrying a punt downed at the three into the end zone for a touchback. Or two successive false start penalties with a first and goal to go inside the 10 yard line.

47 players dressed for this game, and only one player made a play for the entire game that mattered. That was the catch in the end zone by Anthony Fasano. There were no other plays made on the offensive side of the ball. 57 chances and they make "one play". Not to worry. The defense was not about to be outdone by the offense. Other than the play of Cameron Wake with his 3 sacks the defense, with the game on the line, allowed Kaepernick to go untouched 50 yards for the sealing touchdown. They had one forced fumble by Wake (of course), which was recovered by the 49ers, and that was it. I don't think they had a single pass defended all day.

I imagine we hear the usual talk about how well we played against a superior team. We will hear how much upside this team has, and that they are on the rise. Facts are facts. This team isn't very good, and this team has four losing seasons in a row to prove it. I don't drink, but I can see how this team could drive a person to do so.