Straight from the Mouth of the Miami Dolphin Coaches

I know many of you may have read this already, but there are many that did not read or see it, so I will share it with you. This gives us an idea of what the coaches are thinking about a few of the players for the Miami Dolphins.

By far the most interesting comment came from Dolphins Head Coach Joe Philbin just a few days before last Sunday's game. I don't see how I could give you more insight into the team than what Philbin said in the last statement of this post.

Offensive Coordinator Mike Sherman on left tackle Jonathan Martin:
I think he has a chance to be a very good tackle in this league," the offensive coordinator said of Martin. "He still has some growing up to do and learning and whatnot and strength development. But I think he has a chance to be an excellent left tackle or right tackle in this league, wherever he ends up next year."

Sherman on Nate Garner:
He's put together a couple of really good games. You worry about how he's going to handle the pass rush but he's done a good job."

Sherman on Tannehill:
"I think he's had some very good games. I think he shows a lot of promise. You have to understand, he hasn't played that position as much as some other quarterbacks have at a very high level. He's learning on the job. I think he processes things and tries not to make the same mistake twice. I think he has an excellent future and he'll just continue to get better. There's not a whole lot of things we don't ask him to do."

Defensive Coordinator Kevin Coyle when asked about Odrick in the 4-3 defense:
Could he do it? Perhaps. I'm not sold that's his best position right now.

Coyle on the defensive backfield:
"We had to juggle some people around and that created some opportunities," Coyle said. "Bryan McCann played a number of snaps, quality snaps in the game and came up with some big plays later in the game."
Coyle also said that the Dolphins got their hands on more footballs and tipped more passes away than any other game.

Lastly, Philbin said gaining “momentum” into the offseason with a few wins down the stretch can be overrated, given that the team likely will look much different next year. But, he added, “I always think it’s probably better to have it.”

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