Tannehill Learning to Look Off Safeties

This was fun to play around with, bare with me as the pictures are not real clear. I would need much better equipment than my laptop to do this with more clarity but if you like like it, I'll do more. Let me know in your comments.

In this first picture we see the safeties following the QBs eyes. I have the inside top receiver identified as Hartline through this sequence but I actually think it may be Moore with Hartline on the bottom. The identity really doesn't matter. See the safeties following Tannehill's eys. Tannehill is following the inside receiver as he crosses in front of Bess.
The safety continues to follow Tannehill's eyes as he tracks the receiver at the top coming back. Notice how this split second decision allows Bess to separate with no help over the top.
Too late now, Bess comes wide open for a big gain. This was all created by Tannehill following the slot receiver and in the process causing the safety to cheat just enough to spring Bess. It's a beautiful thing.

Here is another sequence with Bess and Hartline, the same thing happens.

Tannehill is looking at Hartline on the top. Look at all the defenders begin to converge on Hartline.
The entire secondary is follwing Tannehill's eyes. When I saw this I was jumping up and down! Throw it! Throw it!!! Bess is so open Tannehill nearly misses him!
It's crazy how open Bess was. If Tannehill had thrown a better ball, this was a TD. But the key growth that we see in Tannehill is using his eyes. Defenders in a zone defense are taught to cover an area and watch the QB. This is how the great ones look receivers open.

Hope you like this... It took a long time, but it was fun.