The Miami Dolphins Must Wait until Next Year

Hey Cubby fans move over. Us Miami Dolphin fans need some room on that bench!

Here we are again sitting on the outside looking in. Come on over here. I have room for you on my sofa. You can sit down alongside me and watch all the other NFL teams that made the playoffs. What's that you said? Did I hear you ask for good stiff drink? No problem. How about a double Jack Daniels Old No. 7 straight up?

Well Dolphin fans. Are you numb yet? I can't tell you how sick this team makes me. That was a disgusting display of ineptitude on the Dolphins part yesterday.

It would have been nice if a few more players other than Tannehill, Bush, Hartline, Fasano, and Miller, would have shown up for the game. Is our offensive line (that is truly offensive) trying to get Tannehill and the running backs killed? That offensive line sleepwalked through that game. It would have been more pleasant to stick a finger down my throat and spend the afternoon puking than watch them play. They had seven sacks! I mean, really?

The defense was no better, allowing 14 points in the first quarter, and they got no pressure on Brady all day long. With a pass rush like we had I can see Brady playing into his 70s. I'm still trying to figure out if the Dolphin charter to New England had any players on it at all. 

I know we have a huge talent disparity compared to most of the teams that are in the playoffs. However it would have been nice if a few more players would have decided to show up and play. With all the pending free agents, I would think they would be trying to make a positive impression on the team. I guess I'm wrong.

It is going to take a few days to get over that game. So now is the time to spout off, and get it off of your chest.