To Stay or Not to Stay: A Look at the Impending Miami Dolphin Free Agents

With two games left in the 2012 regular season there is a lot of chatter all over Dolphin land about what to do with the young guys on the roster. Should they get the majority of the playing time to see what we have, or should the veterans keep playing to see if the ones that are impending free agents are worth keeping?

I know some are going to say...
"Let the vets sit, we know what we have there"
...and in some cases that is probably a fair statement, but in other cases the younger guys just may not be ready. I have seen and heard several people say...
"Let's play Lamar Miller the last 2 weeks"
Well, the problem with that is that if we do we will need to draft another quarterback this year too, because it doesn't appear he will be able to help keep Ryan Tannehill upright due to his lack of blocking ability. I'm not saying that he shouldn't get some playing time, but to make him our feature back could be risky.

We are going to get a good look at Jonathan Martin on the left side to determine if he can be our left tackle of the future or if we need to look at re-signing Jake Long or someone else. This decision to put Martin at left tackle was made for us by Long's injury. In the early stages, so far, I think we have had a mixed bag from Martin. He's been steamrolled on occasion, but he has also looked good at times. I personally think a year in the weight room will do him wonders. He is a good player, but second round draft picks are supposed to be better than good. I say we give him time to develop.

I'm not going to touch on every player or every position, I just brought those two examples up because running back is a high profile position and there is usually a demand for good running backs that don't get re-signed. I brought up left tackle because of Jake's injury and Jonathan Martin already playing there.

What I would like from anyone willing to throw in their two cents is an idea of who you would like to keep. Here is a list of our impending free agents:

  • Jake Long
  • Reggie Bush
  • Brian Hartline
  • Randy Stark
  • Sean Smith
  • Tony McDaniel
  • Anthony Fasano
  • Chris Clemons
  • Matt Moore
  • Nate Garner
  • Jason Trusnik.

Here are our restricted free agents:

  • Austin Spitler
  • Jonathon Amaya
  • Bryan McCann
  • R.J. Stanford
  • Jeron Mastrud
  • Marlon Moore

And one exclusive rights free agent:

  • Pat Devlin

Please let me know if I missed anyone.

Also, please remember that we have $35 to $45 million in cap space to work with, so bringing in other free agents is a possibility, though I don't think that is Mr. Philbin's preferred method. If there is someone out there that you would like us to go after, please drop the name for discussion.

Thanks for reading along, please let us know your thoughts.