Miami Dolphins Free Agent Review: Safeties

I wanted to take a look at a need for the Miami Dolphins. Today I'll be taking a look at free safety and who is available via free agency. In a previous article Patrick did an excellent job presenting our own defensive free agents.

What I am presenting is a list of options that are available. I won't go into numbers based on contracts, but I will stress NOT overpaying for a player.

Currently at free safety we have Chris Clemons and Tyrone Culver, and both are free agents. I can only see bringing back one for depth, and I am all for bringing in a starter from the market who will be an upgrade at the position. I will name who I feel Jeff Ireland should sign, but here is a list for review of the best available.

Jarius Byrd - Buffalo Bills - 5'10" 203 pounds
308 Tackles
18 Interceptions
10 Forced Fumbles
Byrd has been a solid player since being drafted in 2009 by Buffalo. He probably won't be in a Dolphins uniform as Buffalo will probably franchise him, but he's turned into a very good safety who knows how to get to the ball. He also has experience playing in the AFC East and in cold weather.

Louis Delmas - Detroit Lions - 5'11" 202 pounds
267 Tackles
3 Interceptions
2 Forced Fumbles
He has battled injuries, but his absence showed in Detroit. In four years Delmas has been a good player who is a hard hitter. He may not cost as much to sign, but Detroit may keep him based on their secondary situation.

Kerry Rhodes - Arizona Cardinals - 6'3" 212 pounds
608 Tackles
23 Interceptions
8 Forced Fumbles
Eight seasons is a long time, but numbers don't lie. Rhodes has been reliable. He has been pretty healthy  except in 2011, but he also has good size. He spent his first five seasons with the Jets and the last three with Arizona and has maintained production. He could be signed at a nice price and hold down the position until we can draft or possibly groom Jimmy Wilson to take over.

LaRon Landry - N.Y. Jets - 6' 220 pounds
482 Tackles
6 Interceptions
10 Forced Fumbles
Yeah I know, but he is available and I am still looking at him in a Redskins uniform. No denying his size and hitting ability. He has been decent and has experience playing in cold weather, but also has injury concerns.

The next two players are strong safeties who could be shifted to free safety.

Patrick Chung - New England Patriots - 5'11" 210 pounds
239 Tackles
7 Interceptions
I only list him because he is available and is DECENT, but that's about it.

William Moore - Atlanta Falcons - 6' 221 pounds
203 Tackles
11 Interceptions
5 Forced Fumbles
These stats are from only three full seasons. Chances are that the Falcons will keep him, but this is a player you make a move on. He is only going to get better, and I can see him moving to Free Safety.

In conclusion, Byrd and Moore are my choices, but will most likely stay on their teams. My next choice is to sign Rhodes and draft another safety in the next two years for Miami to groom. Though, Delmas would also look good in a Dolphins uniform.

Who do you think Miami should sign?

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