The Super Bowl: What to Drink?

Last year I asked a very important question. I asked all of you what you planed on eating and where did you intend to watch the Super Bowl?

I figured that I would change it up this year. I want to know what you plan on drinking and what type of TV will you be watching the game on? (If you would like to add what you plan on eating please feel free to do so)

I will tell you what our plan is. My wife and I usually watch the game at home. We don't like going out on the road if we think there might be too many crazies driving home after a night of drinking. I mean, how many inebriated drivers could be on the road after a Super Bowl when every bar and grill will have the game on and spirits flowing? Surely there couldn't be that many, right? Nonetheless, I think we will stay home.

We don't have a big flat screen TV, so our television isn't anything special. I usually make teriyaki chicken wings, but my wife wants KFC so she will probably win out.

Our choice of drink will be...*drum roll please* coke. We don't have any beer in the house. No no no. We are not teetotalers. We do have plenty of spirits in the house. There is plenty of rum, whiskey, and wine.  Plenty enough to get hosed on. Just no beer. No one here likes beer unless it is free, and then we have no problem with it. I would say the chances of us having a drink on Super Bowl Sunday are slim to none, with a slight advantage going to "none".

So, as you can see it will be pretty boring around here. Please don't let that stop you. Tell us what your choice of drink will be. I'm going to take the liberty of guessing what the other writers are going to have. To start out I have no idea what Paul and Shawn could be drinking. Shawn has family that is still at home I think, so my guess is he will do the same as I and stay away from the free flowing spirits. Paul I feel will do the same thing. So that leaves Patrick, Kenny, and Todd (Buckeye).

Patrick will be having Scotch with a home smoked pork shoulder. Maybe I should go over to his house! Kenny, I feel, will be having beer. Probably Bud Light and a hamburger. After all, he must watch his figure. Buckeye will be drinking some beer that JP will need to ship to him from Belgium or Russia. He will just skip the food. When you ship in a foreign beer you don't have any money left for food.

Before everyone gets mad at me please remember this is all in jest. Whatever you do to see the game, just remember to stay safe where ever and doing whatever you do. We need every one of you to be here to keep Dolphin Shout as the best site on the net.